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In a rather surprising admission, the government newspaper published an estimate of 50 million in attendance among house churches. "They're saying the [official] Three-Self Church is not the only game in town. In fact, there are more people outside of it than in it. To make that admission in print is remarkable," said one observer. We praise the Lord for His own miraculous work in China. Still, there are billions of lost Chinese who will not depart this world without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We pray that both open and house churches will redouble their effort in evangelism, reaching outside of churches, into their communities with great fervor.
Many of the government-owned corporations in China are hiring only males this fall. Numerous female college students are complaining of job discrimination based on sex. Many young women have few prospects of landing a job despite their good qualifications. We remember all the young female Christians who are looking for work and ask the Lord to give them peace and trust in Him and favor with their prospective employers. We pray, too for the many collegians who have accepted Jesus on campus but have been lost to follow-up once they graduated and returned home.