It's very important in these present times to be able to recognize the function and purpose of each of the Five Fold ministry gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  Together, these ministries are the fullest expression of Christ to His Church.  Even as these gifts and ministries serve in our Church as God's governmental leaders and equipping agents, we likewise see the Holy Spirit moving through spirit led discipleship to equip people in practical applications of these ministries in relationship to their lifestyle. 

Part one of this teaching outlined specific times and seasons that we learn to discern. ( This is for the purpose of learning to recognize how our vertical relationship with God and Christian leaders align our lives to be empowered.  Our lives and families become empowered  through learning how to receive of the generational blessings that God intended for us to know as our spiritual heritage.  What we receive must be stewarded and this immediately leads us into discipleship where faith values are appropriated first to lifestyle and family.    

Understanding the times also helps us to discern what is generational that is born of man from what comes from God through generational blessings.  When what we see of Heaven is appropriated to our lives on earth, transformation follows and we become quickened by the life-giving spirit of Christ.  Covenant is continually revealed to us as God draws us, those who lead us, as well as those we lead, deeper into Himself each day.  Discipleship produces a Chain of Reign in Christ.  In Christ ALL SEE in order to BE FREE!

Koinonea fellowship is the unity and spirit of relationship that we seek with others, even as we seek the face of God together.  The more that Christ is honored through relationship with Himself and people, the more of Christ we receive.  The more revelation we have of Christ, the more we see God and His Kingdom.  Vision leads to provision.  The more we know and see of God's Kingdom, the better equipped we are in apprehending it so that we may fellowship with God as Adam did in the beginning. 

Just as Christ is "the Way, the Truth and the Life", we need to know where the ditches are so that we know how to guard against blind spots that are revealed when the heat is turned up in our lives.  Visitations that discover "dross" in the silver often reveal learned behavior that have formed over a period of time through the generations of man.  What becomes generational through man through the trials of life are usually in place without the knowledge of God.  What becomes generational through wrong relationship, or outside of faith, hinder the move of God's Holy Spirit in our lives and relationships.  In these times, the Holy Spirit convicts us where repentance is needed.  "Truth", or true relationship, is without bondage or wrong expectations of others.  Truth joins us to the one who is True so that we may receive of His abundant Life and be changed.  In Christ' quickening spirit, Light appears where there was once darkness.  Where relationship is extended to others, all go free as the works of darkness are dismantled. 

By knowing what is in the ditches, we have something solid to steer away from to avoid potential dangers.  Before the ship launches out into the deep, we need to know what can potentially sink the ship so we can navigate safely through unknown waters.  When the focus remains on Christ, the ministries will be operating to equip people as to how they are to remain in Him through the transitions that are ahead. 

I'm including a link that will provide some knowledge about Codependency.  This serves to alert us to the dangers that we are to avoid as we launch out in uncharted waters to become better equipped in Christ.

Part 3 of this teaching will outline specific functions and purposes of Five Fold ministry within their office in the Church as well as how they often function through the saints in their lifestyle.  Part 3 will soon follow.