"Let this same attitude and purpose and humble mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.  Let Him be your example in humility," Philippians 2:5 (Amplified Version)
"It is not man's opinions that you should seek after - not his interpretations, nor inclinations, but My Spirit, My will for you.  Seek Me and you will find all I desire for you, not only for your needs, but for My need to be expressed through you.  Lift Me up...lift up My righteous attitude, aim, and purpose...not man's opinions or desires.  My Spirit encompasses all who humbly come.  It embraces the weak and fallen, the willing, the reaching, the honest, the needy.  It cannot reach the proud, the haughty, the hardened, the rebellious, the self-reliant.  I will come to all who will receive, but to those in darkness who stubbornly hide there, I cannot come. They shut Me out.
"It is not primarily man's opinions, tastes and preferences that keep him in or out of right standing with Me, but his heart attitudes do if they are not aligned with My Word and Spirit.  Life is lived out according to inward attitudes...by both the righteous and the unrighteous.  It shows.  It cannot be hidden.  The attitude which rules man's heart is the mark, the evidence of his behavior and ways.  Choose to walk in My Word.  Live in My Spirit, and your attitudes will be Mine.  It will be evident to those about you...just as the opposite is so.. 
"I watch and I am concerned about man's attitudes toward his opinions.  Is he willing to review them in Light of My Word and My Spirit?  Is he willing to see if the things he desires to cling to hold up under the Light of My Truth?  Do His opinions cause others to stumble on their way to meeting Me?  Are they hindrances to the common good of all My children, or are they stepping stones into My Presence? 
"Consider your tastes, preferences, opinions.  Be not bound to them, but allow My Spirit to move freely through any and all of them, reaching through your life into the lives of those not yet acquainted with Me.  Do your attitudes produce behavior that hinders others from coming to Me?  Do they cause pain and turmoil in the lives of others? Are they a stumbling block to those about you who need to see Me through your life?"
ATTITUDE: manner, disposition; a person's position or bearing as showing his purpose
AIM: something intended by one's efforts; purpose;
PURPOSE: aim; intent, resolve, plan, result aimed at or attained; the reason for which something exists
For a Christian these are directed toward an object: JESUS: His Light, Word, and Spirit; Intention: to be changed to be like Him in manner and disposition.
For those whose behavior is anything other than the above, (this shows that) their attitude, aim, and purpose is directed toward a different object. Attitude, aim, and purpose directs the person.
OPINION:  a view; a judgment formed in the mind about a person, thing, or situation; an estimation;  a belief stronger than an impression but not based on absolute knowledge (revelation knowledge of God's Word)
ATTITUDES are rooted in the heart, the spirit of man.  These characterize a person.
OPINIONS come from the mind and they come and go to suit the occasion. Opinions often reveal attitudes, and if not washed by the water of the Word, they will give rise to wrong attitudes that can become entrenched in us.  The only way right attitudes are established is as a result of an humble and honest heart with God as well as with others.
"Father, show each of us clearly, the differences between our attitudes and our opinions.  Also, show us, through discernment, the true intent of our heart that Your perfect purpose will be established in our hearts and minds by Christ Jesus!" 
Looking unto Jesus,




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