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Editors Message

Adapt this message to your style and circumstances and preach with conviction.
Your Life – Nothing but a Dash
By Howard Sands
To get the most out of this message first look at the following website
 (particularly the 1½  minute flash intro) turn your speakers on before you link.
The tombstone read, Born 19XX – died 20XX?
Nothing but a dash
You were born – you lived – you will die.
Everything about you is summed up in that one little dash
Ephesians 3:20
“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”
Is it working or is it wilting
What will you do with your life
How will you make it count
God has put His Spirit within you to make a difference
What will you be known for.
Some people lived their life and left a legacy.
Shakespeare – wrote amazing plays
Martin Luther King – I have a dream
Mother Teresa – she cared for the needy
Susannah Wesley – she prayed for her children
Apostle Paul – he fought the good fight
More current people
Billy Graham – he preached the gospel
TL Osborn – he traversed the world with the gospel
ReinhardBonnke – he took the gospel from Cairo to Capetown
What will they say about you
If the Spirit of God is in you – have you put Him to work.
Now play this short 2 minute video, (turn your speakers on) then share the link with others
Special comment
Much as we want to see the power of God at work in our lives and ministries and nation and the world at large, we cannot manifest the power of God in our lives without being with Jesus. We need Jesus knowledge, Jesus love, Jesus power at work in us through the Holy Spirit; which will happen only as we spend time in The Masters presence.
Take the opportunity at the start of this new year to spend some extra quality time in His presence for His anointing to flow through you, be about The Master’s business. Take every opportunity to deliver His message to a sin sickened world. Invest for eternity.
This year more than ever before, we are conscious of the need to deliver the gospel to those who do not have a relationship with Jesus, whether that be in our own backyard or to the uttermost parts of the earth.
Would you be willing to stand with us as partners in some way;
a/ delivering the gospel where you live;
b/ become a prayer partner with us and pray for this ministry regularly;
Write to us and tell us you will, we will send you occasional email prayer needs
c/ be a distributor of this ezine “The Outreach Files” to your colleagues and ministry friends around the world;
d/ support The Outreach Files financially with a regular offering;
(if you are in a developing world country with a low economy, may be you can share in this by a $1 or more a month gift via Paypal, details at the end of the ezine.
e/ Become a partner in physical helps,
we need
1/ travel partners to assist in ministry in our international ministry trips.
See the later article “BFTF on the move.”
2/ financial partners to send us to the needy nations;
We do not make solicitation for funds or advertise our needs except to the Lord and a few very close friends
3/ general volunteers in our office.
4/ website development
5/ Audio visual developers for promo movies
Are you willing?
Are you more available?
What will your decision be?
Will the world see that we are living with Jesus throughout this year?
We just concluded our annual Camp Meeting under a rented tent and the response was great. We led 72 persons to the Lord and 34 backsliders were restored as well. It was wonderful to see the hunger of the people here. On the final night we had over 1000 persons in attendance.
Bishop Joseph Persaud, Guyana, Sth America
Hello Apostle Sands, It is good to hear from you. I value and appreciate your connection. I have signed up for your news letter and so enjoy reading about the ministry all over the world. I am unable to travel or do much else for a season.
Larry Condon, VancouverWA, USA
Greetings in Jesus Name
Glad to hear of the wonderful things that God is doing through you and BFTF. It was good to meet you in Uganda in September. I have been doing some work in Mauritius and Madagascar since and just got back from Nigeria. So its been busy as usual thwarting the plans of the enemy and advancing kingdom purposes. May the Lord continue to use you greatly as we value ministers, like you, who are a tremendous blessing, especially to the very challenging geographical locations in the earth.
Apostle Leslie Munsamy
Global Apostolic Ministries, Durban , South Africa
Thanks for that inspiring and challenging message. I pray that makes us vessels of blessing to the whole world. God bless you mate.
Joseph Wabwire,
Reports from around the network
Doorknocking with Kindness Brings 285 to Christ 
November 2008 Outreach report on our door to door Evangelism, as well meeting the widows.
We provided some maize flour as a sign of Christian kindness, according to (James 2:14-17) By  showing Christian kindness to them, well aged ladies received Christ as their personal saviour. We had a number of 285 souls that were saved.
We are officially launching the Feeding Program in our ministry on 24th December 2008. the program  will impact the Community by drawing them to Christ. We are already taking care for the Orphans.
Pastor, James Mategwa, Kenya
20 Families Come to Christ in Unreached Nth India
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank God for this wonderful time, I spend last month. I visited district of Udaipur in ten new villages and there people are totally living in tribal situation. I touched inside village there is uneducated, black magic and backward people. There is not any one that wants to go and preach the gospel there but I am pioneer missionary in this area and this is fist time they heard Gospel. In this month I visited 20 villages 20 families come to Christ and twenty people are ready for baptism,
I visited in Gujarat state in anand district and conduct special meeting and their attended 70 people, I thank God for this open door and I shared Gospel. I am need more power of God to reach many new areas. I need your prayers.
Thanks you
Pastor Benjamin k Dodiyar  
Messiah Bharpur Jivan Seva Sansthan
Udaipur, RajasthanIndia
benjamin_kd (at)
Signs and Wonders Attract Unbelievers to Church
This time I am going to share a small testimony from our new branch church. There is a woman called Manga she started attending church when we started the ministry in Mandapeta area. She and her husband started to ask God to give them a child. From their Marriage they didn’t have children. This is 6th year now they come to the Lord for the blessing. I have given them a powerful prayer book let and asked wife and husband should pray at early in the morning.
They have been praying from 3 months for the blessing .Doctors conformed she has a baby in her womb. Praise the Lord we are looking for the signs in the midst of people so let the people taste and see how the Lord is good and how He will bless His children. Now this news spread and new people are attending slowly. Yes when these kind of signs and wonders happened it would be a great witness for the Lord our Jesus Christ to spread the Gospel in the unreached families surrounding our place
Ps Paul@His Field, India
More than 300 saved on University Campus
Nigeria’s population, which is close to 129 million people, includes a large number of students who seek higher education in an attempt to enhance their chances of finding better opportunities
in life. As a result of this quest for higher education, eighty percent of Nigerian youths are found in the numerous institutions of higher learning all over the country. This makes such institutions a fertile ground for youth evangelization.
Lamp and Light Evangelical Ministry Inc. has utilized this opportunity to reach out to young people on different campuses with the aim of transforming their lives for Christ, raising men and women who dare to stand and declare the Word of God at all times. As a consequence of these efforts, a lot of positive changes have been observed in the lives of many Nigerian youths.
Evangelistic Strategies
In an evangelization campaign held at ImoStateUniversity in Owerri last year, a two-day programme was organized around the theme “Jesus is calling you again”. The programme was widely advertised in the city of Owerri and ImoState at large. The campaign gathered over 3,000 people. More than 300 souls were saved as the Lord accomplished his work, not only through our words, but also in power and in the Holy Ghost as He himself promised in Mark 16:17-18. That programme, which cost more than N100,000 ($1,000), led to a mighty spiritual revival at the university. A considerable number of students responded to the Word of God, and consequently the revival spread through the entire campus.
Enyinna LoveGod. C.
General Overseer, Lamp and Light Evangelical Ministries Inc.
BFTF on the move
You read it here first. Are you in UK or South Africa
Ps Howard is considering ministry opportunities for next year and would like to hear from you if you are in UK or South Africa and interested in hosting an event with Ps Howard around May 09.
Some ideas that may interest you; Sunday and midweek services, city wide combined churches outreach campaign, church revival, healing services, teaching seminars, missions conference, church planter training, business people outreach, church camp/ men’s camp.
Anyone interested in joining us on the team write for details.
Take a Missions Team
Youth Revival Camp 09 – Uganda / Church planting - Tanzania
Prepare your young people now for the mission of a lifetime and join us as part of the team for Youth of Christ Foundation Youth Revival Camp in Kampala, Uganda in September 09. This will be our 3rd time at this conference which is growing bigger every year. We are planning on taking a bigger multi national  team, to include especially young people, any pastors or leaders, singers, musicians as well as those that want to see first hand what is happening and be a part of this mighty move of God.
The team ministry will also move into evangelistic crusades in Tanzania to assist in church planting and other aid projects which are still being worked on. We will announce them here soon.
Duration:           approx 2½ weeks
Ministry opportunities     Many
Cost:                detrmined by your country of origin
Application        write to BFTF and request application form bftf (at)
What in The World is Happening
The Netherlands: 2,500 people meet Jesus online
More and more people are seeking God or looking for spiritual help on the worldwide web. For a Dutch missions organization this was the trigger to develop an active internet evangelism ministry. In it's first three years has had over half a million visits. 7,000 serious contacts, to learn more about Jesus or make a decision to follow Him. 2,500 made 'first time commitments...
Read On:

Kansas City Revival Goes Global
The former pastor of the ‘Smithton Outpouring’ says his
Missouri congregation is now ready to host a global revival. The man who led a three-year-long outpouring in Smithton, Mo., a decade ago says a new revival has broken out at his church. Every Friday night in December, the world’s second largest Christian TV network will broadcast live from Kansas City.

Read On:

The Call Holds Massive Gathering in Kenya

Teresa Neumann (December 12, 2008)
"We sense God's hand on TheCall Kenya and its strategic timing."
(Kenya)—Christian Today reports that thousands of African prayer warriors gathered in the Kenyan capital Nairobi this past weekend to pray for a spiritual awakening in the city, state and all of Africa. It was the first time TheCall was held on the continent of Africa.
"Kenya stands at a critical juncture as its newspaper headlines expose the frailty of the nation's moral fabric," said TheCall founder Lou Engle, "but there is the promise of a great awakening on the horizon." (Photo: AP)
"It is always darkest before dawn, and the Church is set to enter its finest hour," he proclaimed. "When it seems like there is no hope, God still has a holy prescription: 'Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a fast, call a sacred assembly!'"
"We sense God's hand on TheCall Kenya and its strategic timing," said Wendy Alec, GODTV's director of television. "It is only through prayer and fasting that we will see revival come to our nations and we encourage viewers to tune in and stand with the people of Kenya in prayer, and as they do, we believe the Lord will touch them wherever they live."
Source: Ethan Cole - Christian Today
Outreach Ideas
English Conversation Classes and Coffee Shop
Thom Gagne in Mauritania (Nth Africa) is running a coffee shop and English classes for students. The café was officially opened October 12th. An English only conversation café in a warm, congenial atmosphere offering refreshments in addition to a host of activities to aid our clients in the development of their English language skills.
Conversation Clubs have been the height of our weekly group interactions, with twenty people a week for advanced Conversation Club, and an average of ten for Intermediate Club.
In the first week of December we hosted the Mauritanian Teachers Association Meeting in coordination with the "English Language Fellow Program."
A week later we hosted our first film night , featuring Hidalgo. We run the films in English with the English subtitles on so as to allow the students to see and hear simultaneously.

Last night, we held our Christmas Party, hosting 50 people
for a night of Christmas treats, door prizes, quiz games, and a showing of "Charlie Brown's Christmas."

Following up the film with a brief quiz to test our students listening and comprehension, we were surprised when the tables were turned. No longer were we the ones asking the questions, but suddenly we were being asked about Christmas by our Muslim students. It was a great time as we responded to their various questions in a warm nonthreatening atmosphere.

All of the events bind us together with the clients we serve. Along the way there are hours each week of personal time, sharing Christ. laughing together, hoping together and rejoicing in the gift of friendship.

Pray with us that these days will lead to friendships of eternal consequence.
chameaublanc (at)
Help Children Minister in Their Communities on Valentines Day
Invite children from your church and community to participate in the second annual Children's Ministry Day on
February 14, 2009. On this day, thousands of children's groups will participate in ministry projects to
show Christ's love to their communities. This year's emphasis is health-care ministry. To learn more about Children's Ministry Day (CMD) and read stories from CMD 2008, visit
or email children (at)
Food for Thought
Making DryChurch Services Come To Life
Why is it that in some churches, meeting with the creator of the universe is often a boring showcase for bad music, inept preaching and poor taste? Listed are 9 perspectives that can enhance the effectiveness of your services.
1.       Put yourself in the congregation’s shoes. Pastor, how long has it been since you just sat in the congregation? How often do you really try to identify with the needs, hopes and dreams of those in your congregation?
2.       Tell stories. Storytelling was Jesus’ primary method of teaching. He put the most profound concepts into simple and compelling stores that captivated people and changed their lives. Never telling a story is a prescription for putting people to sleep. 
3.       Question everything. Why do you take up the offering the same way each week? Why do you always sing the same hymn of invitation?
4.       Find some fresh jokes-or don’t use any. How many of you would rather be here in church than in the finest hospital in town? Please discard your moth-eaten jokes. Otherwise your congregation will start laughing out of pity, not humor.
 > Read the entire article here
PreachIt newsletter, Resources by ministers for ministers
Creatively Reaching Children with the Gospel
Children for Christ, provide resources in UK, Uganda, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia. Using a two and a half hour program of children’s clubs and using craft models which the children  construct, visualised stories to preach the gospel and song flash cards, children around the world heartily join in. Last trip to Uganda Children for Christ reached 23,000 children in 60 schools over 6 weeks and 20,000 children prayed the sinner’s prayer receiving Christ.
david.young.cfc (at)
Free Course in Biblical Evangelism
"For a free "on line" course in "Biblical Evangelism" please e-mail the following address:
handofgodministries (at)
Free CD Faith Resource for Christians
NOW Ministry ELECTRONIC LIBRARY From the pen of Peter Allard.
Articles drawn from over half a century of Ministry, Pastoral, Missionary, BibleSchool, Conventions and Seminars Both at Home and Overseas
Send now for free CD introducing NOW Ministry, a Faith resource for Christians.
Faith building articles on a wide variety of themes including,-
For all people of all denominations, contribution for postage requested
Write and ask for the 2 page PDF electronic library summary
peterallard63 (at)
Quotable Quotes
The world is not going to be challenged and changed to live for God through Jesus Christ, without a demonstration of the power of God being evident.
Rodney Francis, Gospel Faith Ministry, New Zealand.
Low Cost Banners for your Message
If you would like multi coloured vinyl banners for your church or to help you outreach or present the gospel write for details of cost effective banners.
We can deliver worldwide at low cost.
Email Beautiful Feet Task Force
bftf (at)
Use your Blog or Website to Point People to the Bible
Websites and blogs are tremendous tools for ministry. In order to help webmasters and bloggers point people to the Bible, Logos Bible Software has released a free site plugin called RefTagger
that will convert any Bible reference on your website into a link that, when hovered over, will display the actual text of scripture. Scriptures can be displayed in the Bible version of your choosing and the plugin can be used on church websites, forums, ministry sites,  blogs, and just about any site on the internet.
Comments on this item at:
Copyright – Free Pictures at Glory Story
The folks at The Glory Story are giving away sets of Bible pictures! Check this out!

To watch The 10 Minute Bible

To download free pictures and text to recreate The 10 Minute Bible

To download copyright-free pictures and text to tell the story of Job

To download copyright-free pictures and text to tell the story of Esther
Laughing at Ourselves
You've dreamed you were preaching only to waken and discover that YOU WERE.
You'd rather negotiate with terrorists than the CHURCH ORGANIST.
You've ever wanted to FIRE THE WHOLE CHURCH and form a congregation search committee.
You've been tempted to take up an offering at a FAMILY REUNION.
You've ever wanted to give the sound man some FEEDBACK of your own.
You've ever wanted to lay hands on a deacon, and you didn't mean PRAYING FOR HIM.
You've never PREACHED ON TV, because your wife made you get down before you broke something.
Your sermons have a happy ending...everyone's HAPPY WHEN IT ENDS!!

FREE DOWNLOAD: You can now download the book 'Laughing At Ourselves' in PDF format at LAUGHING AT OURSELVES
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Contact us for more information. Ps Howard Sands and other experienced pastors, teachers and evangelists with teams are available to speak at your church, outreach or event. Please contact us if you are interested in holding an outreach event or missions program or finding out how you can be involved in reaching your community or partnering in a missions program in another nation.
AFRICA network
This network is growing steadily and we have been able to connect some people with ministry opportunities, however before we can make this network available on the web we need a bigger database of willing travelling preachers and willing hosts.
Are you in Africa and willing to travel to preach ?
Are you in Africa and need travelling ministers to come through your ministry.
Write to us to join the Africa Network and say if you are
1/ willing to travel and preach (what countries)
2/ Need visiting ministries (what type)
You need to supply the following information
Your title and full name, church or ministry name, address, city, country, phone, email, web(if any)
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As this year comes to an end and we crank up for a new exciting year of reaching the lost there has been a lot of bad economic news