Hey there folks!

Sad to report that we can officially say fall is here. Even more sad is the fact that we've seemed to skip right over fall and into an early ick! I love seasons, but I just prefer that the good ones hang around a bit longer.

We've been just crazy busy these past few weeks. The NQC 'jet lag' has finally let up and we're into full swing Branson GMC mode! There are several large concerts we're working on, Kelly is busy building an empire over at SGN Scoops and oh yea, we've got all the family life work! It's enough to make you crazy! Thankfully, we're already we're used to it.

The Branson GMC event is already shaping up to be incredible. We've lined up names like Hissong, Young Harmony, Beyond the Ashes, Kenny Bishop, Dino, the legendary Blackwood Quartet...and there are many, many more. If you were there last year, you know that it was a great time of ministry and music. Branson 2010 just promises to be even more. You can even make your reservations at the Hilton Convention Center Hotel already, but hurry...cause the rooms at our reduced rate are very limited! We've also got a great concert coming up in Harlan, Ky on November 13th. This is our "Coming Home to Harlan" event and will feature The Roarks (Paul is from Harlan), me (obviously from Harlan) and Out of Ashes who live in Harlan. This will be a great night of fun and ministry, but also a chance to help the community. The tickets are only $5 plus we'll be collecting a canned good at the door that will be donated to Christs Hands Food Pantry and The Cawood Church of God Food Pantry. If you're in that area or sure to come be with us. Another great series of events is that I'll be doing several concerts with The Blackwood Quartet to support local charities around the country. The first will be in Lebanon, Mo on Friday night, November 6th. Along with me and The Blackwood Quartet, Ascension Quartet from the Springfield area will join us in support of the Pregnancy Support Center in Lebanon. During these tough economic times, charities are sometimes the hardest hit. We want to give back to our communities and those that are in the business of helping others. Oh...and by the way...we're going to Pigeon Forge right after Thanksgiving for 3 great days. So surely you can come see us at one of these events! See the SCHEDULE for more details on all this and MORE! Be sure to keep checking the schedule as things change quickly.

With the winter setting in we're used to a schedule that slows down. This year...THANK GOD...that's not the case. We've got lots of events and opportunities to minister even through the winter time. I believe there's an increased urgency in getting the message of grace out to the people, so this is the time. During the time we are home I have to keep the bus in a place that keeps it out of the elements and plugged in to avoid freezing. With the change in jobs, I lost my spot with the plug I've had to locate an alternative. I have found what I think is a nearly perfect spot. It's enclosed...which will help minimize any issues with batteries through the cold, has an electrical hook up to keep the water bays warm and avoid the need for a plumber, and has a great entry/exit to easily get in and out. I'll be dropping it off after this weekend and have nearly 24 hour access, 7 days a week to come and go as I need. The only downside is that it's $225 a month to store it. While I'll only need the storage for about 5 month, that's still a lot of money to be going out. But I feel like this is the door that has been opened and I'm thankful to have it. While I don't usually do this...I am going to ask that you consider helping us with that debt. The 5 months will be about $1100 and anything you can do to help off set that would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you feel led to help!

The title of this post is from a song that came out a few years ago. The whole thing is "If You Want To Hear God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans". I love that! You see I was always one who had all the answers and course of action all figured out. I knew where things would go and how they would look when we got there. But as I've gotten older, I've learned that sometimes God has a different idea about things than I do. Sometimes He allows me to walk down a path just to fall in the He can show me the way I should have gone. Sometimes He tries to guide me down the right path, but I'm too bull headed to listen. Either way, I've found some especially funny circumstances lately with how God moves on things. His ways are not my ways...may be the under statement of a lifetime. You see many times my choices have caused hurt and pain to others. Many times I've decided that I know best about "X" things, and end up causing more mess than I could ever dream. But even when I lose control, God is in control. Though I may be driving down a hill like a snowball headed for...God is standing right there at the drop off point, ready to pick up the pieces that used to be me and put them back together again. And not once does He say..."told you so". His love is not judgemental. His ways of healing are kind and gentle, not in your face and demeaning. If there are ever places we need to try to be like Him, it's here. We need to love people back to the cross when they fall, not throw a sign around their neck, put a big "A" on their forehead and walk through the town yelling "UNCLEAN". No...we need to show the love of a Saviour. We need to share the hope of salvation and grace. That's what Jesus died for....YOU. Not for what He wants you to become, but for what YOU are. He can take the worst you have, and make the most out of it. And He will. All you really have to do is, surrender.

Of course once all that stuff is done...I do think He sits back and chuckles at some of the 'things' or 'places' we find ourselves. I actually think I may have made Him laugh out loud a few times, just at the silliness I created by not bending. How about you?

Till next time...

Take A Stand!