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The hit television series Dwelling Narrowness was recently banned. The series focused on the skyrocketing property prices and the pressure on the middle class to put up mortgages. It also highlighted the anxiety of Chinese authorities over the widespread public discontent about the steep prices put on homes. We can all pray for young Christian couples who work to make their house payments as they learn to set priorities in life and put God first, and to invite Christ to be the Master of their home. Many young believers have unbelieving parents and we pray for their desire to witness to them and still honor them.
A well-known euphemism for the common practice of married men keeping mistresses (colorful flags), is "The Red Flag does not fall at home, yet colorful flags flutter outside". Such an arrangement is almost considered acceptable in China today and those who are faithful to their spouses are ridiculed as impotent and oppressed. We pray for the alarming and rapid decay of morality in China. May the Lord guard our own hearts and protect our families starting with a true hunger for His Word and His holiness. We also remember and pray for deliverance of all those who have fallen away from the faith and are now living in sin.
In China, trying to find a suitable living arrangement for orphans is still a thorny social issue because the society is known for tight family relationship. There are government-run orphanages but their overall quality are inconsistent or inadequate at best. Most orphanages receive financial support from abroad. There are also smaller scale orphanages, often a few orphans adopted and cared for by local churches. We are called to show compassion to the poor and orphaned. We pray that more churches will reach out to their communities and serve those who are weak and even despised.
The majority of Chinese parents who push their child to attend college do not have college degree. They know without a college education, their child will