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Daily Words:
Upwords from the "Logos" (written
Word of God) and "Rhema" Words
(spoken Words) meant to build up,
 to exhort or comfort

Rom 16:19-20  ... I want you to be wise in what is good,
and simple concerning evil.  And the God of peace will
crush Satan under your feet shortly.  NKJV

I Will Crush Satan Under Your Feet

Don't be surprised when more and more politicians change before your eyes and come out of the closet to openly support the Luciferian agenda of the coming anti-Christ.   Many many leaders have been sacrificing to Moloch in the Bohemian Grove all along.  Do not be afraid as you hear the disinformation and agenda of the One World Order try to monopolize the media.  Luciferian cults will target Christians and infiltrate churches in order to curse all that goes on.  Do not confess that satan is winning, that Christians are losing or that people do not want to know God.  Don't 'believe' for satan to defeat you or that evil will triumph or that My true church will decrease.  Persecution will begin to separate the sheep from the goats.

Confess that - in Me - you will have cutting-edge discernment, spiritual power and authority over demonic powers and there will be an outpouring of My grace on all mankind.  Believe for a third great awakening and let Me finish My work in you so guilt or shame  will not hold you back.  Unite with other believers to have a massive impact on your community.  Call Me, LORD SABBAOTH, the Name mentioned more than any of My Names in the Bible.  Ride with Me like My Prophet Daniel and I will make you ten times wiser than evil magicians - just like I did Daniel and His friends.  Pray in agreement with intercessory teams to tear down the strongholds of evil political systems, world-wide secret societies and corrupt law enforcement.

    Pray for your leaders because your future depends on it.  Jesus

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