Women are emotional beings who show their affection by touching and also by verbal expression, and they like those same kinds of feelings affirmed and reciprocated. The media recognizes that women are visual and need reaffirmation, so as a result, they capitalize on their need and deceive many of them with shows that view women as being content and satisfied by fulfilling their need for intimacy with sexual intercourse. This depiction is far from the truth. Women want to feel connected to their partners emotionally and spiritually. Once they have established the oneness, the intimate act of sexual intercourse then becomes’ fulfilling, but without the intimacy, sex then becomes an act that brings both parties close physically, but not mentally. Which do you really desire?

The word intimacy comes from the root word intimate and is defined as being marked by close acquaintance, association or familiarity. The word intimate also means pertaining to or indicative of one s deepest nature; the formal definition could infer that establishing a friendship and or a close association with someone could result in obtaining a close acquaintance. Two individuals feeling comfortable enough to share their innermost thoughts and feelings would result in an established, rooted, trusting relationship which in most cases is what most women desire. Consequently, if we desire to have intimacy in our lives and/or our relationships, it is vital that one establish a foundation, become familiar with your partner by getting to really know, understand, trust and appreciate one another. Intimacy is then established.

On the other hand, having sexual intercourse does not require the emotional effort that it takes to establish an intimate relationship. The word sexual is defined as implying or symbolizing erotic desires or activity; pertaining to or designating reproduction involving the union of male and female. Intercourse is defined as an interchange between persons. Based on this definition, it appears that to have sex does take effort, but ask yourself what kind? Yes, it does take physical effort, but the definition connotes an impersonal feeling because it talks about two bodies joining together to participate in an intimate (close) act, but mentions nothing about the individual s mental state, mind, relationship or history. Sexual intercourse is a very natural part of life and can be very fulfilling provided you have made the choice for the right reason. Is it an intimate relationship you desire or is it sex?

Women in the year of 2001 have made many strides towards excellence. They make six figure salaries, own their homes, have and drive more than one car, travel the world, pay cash for what they desire, but in their efforts to maintain who they are and where they re at professionally, it is important to identify what they really want in their personal lives. They can do that by remembering that sexual intercourse will not guarantee an intimate relationship with their partner, but may in fact satisfy their insatiable physical desires.

Which do you prefer, sex or intimacy?