The Song of Songs which is Solomon’s

Song of Solomon 1:1



I remember my high school yearbook featuring some of my classmates on the “Senior Superlatives” page.  Pictured there were those individuals who in their four years of high school  had distinguished themselves in some way or another.   The Cutest, the Smartest, the Most Athletic, The Most Talented, The Most Talkative, the Most likely to . . . 


These individuals were found to be simply the best.


The phrase “the song of songs” expresses a superlative as do the phrases Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  The superlative holds within this idea: in comparing  all that fit into a given category, this one thing, this one person is  heads above the rest. All else pales in comparison.


The Holy Spirit in directing Solomon to open with these words is distinguishing this canticle from the other 1000+ songs written by or even written for the king.  Of all the songs written this one is the ultimate song!. No other song compares. This is a Song Supreme!


But why?  What is it about the Song of Solomon that qualifies it as being unsurpassed? 


I believe it is because of what it reveals to us about God’s love.  There is something so deeply personal here.  It goes beyond the love a Father has for His child. It goes beyond the love of friends.  Here we see another aspect of the love that Paul describes as passing all knowledge.  Hear the Father speak:



"You ask, My Child, what makes this song, of all the songs that Solomon wrote, the supreme, the greatest, the song above all songs.  I tell you it is because this song, more than all others, reveals the depth of My love for you, My beautiful Bride.  It reveals My heart concerning the deeply personal relationship I seek with you.  Not one solely of Father and child or Redeemer and redeemed.  But one of a deep, intimate, abiding love. It speaks of intimate times when I take you, My Bride, into My chamber; it speaks of the secrets and mysteries spoken in those intimate moments alone.

 I long for you even more than you long for Me. I want you to experience the real deal of Love. To experience the depths, the width, the height the length of love in Me and know that there is no other that will ever love you with the depth of Love I Am for you.  Let My Love flow in and through and out of you, engulfing you, bathing you, soothing you.  It is My pure and holy transcendent love I Am that completes you and satisfies you.

As we walk through this relationship be immersed in that love, rest in it, live from it.   Love will never fail you.  Trust in it more than you trust anything else.  There is no fear in Love.  There is no fear in Me.  There is no failure in Love, for there is no failure in Me.  Know Me and Know Love.  Then when the counterfeit comes you will not be fooled into accepting it.

Come to know Me now, My Bride, as your Bridegroom.  You know Me as Savior.  You know Me as Father.  You know Me as Redeemer, Deliverer, and Healer.  Now come to know Me as Bridegroom and discover a dimension of My love like none you've ever fathomed. As you do, I promise, you will never be the same."