Dear my friend Dr. Cliff,
Be blessed more and more by the most High God.
I consider the beginning of ATK Bible College in Jinja as mustard seed which is growing from a micro-start into a big Bible College and ministry training centre co-ordinating and encouraging all other centres in East Africa.
We shall keep on improving every month and every year.
Next time I will send the students' names course grades together with their dates of completion.
Regarding the kingdom parables some students sat for only one test but we are arranging for them to do the tests they missed.
Regarding deliverance course I am organising the list based on attendance record during the deliverance service, participation and reports on how it transformed their lives.
The teaching on the parables in Luke tremendously changed people's thinking especially for my self and many who fully participated with open hearts.  For example many of us originally knew that the lost sheep are non- christians and the 99 are born again good and sinless christians.  But now learnt that the lost sheep are people who realise their need to repent while the 99 are christian who claim self -righteousness and do not want to repent or be transformed.  This has broken me to get on my knees every night in my sitting room to repent for my self, for my family, repent on behalf of my church, the christian community and for my nation.
The sister you are remembering as Lorraine is actually called LAUREEN OBOTHA and she is very much on the list with high marks.
Pastor Charlse is now quite committed to the ATK Bible Program and I am working very closely with him.  He sometimes helps me in the lecture.
You know many people cannot completely change at once unless they are out of their comfort zones into a more practical ministry like ATK.
It is not surprising that my bride Lillian is scoring high marks.  She has abandoned other training opportunities and she is giving much time to our family, church and ATK Bible College and learning more and more from God on a daily basis.
She is giving much time in praying for me, for the family, for the ATK and for the church.  Most of her free time  she concetrates on reading the College materials and asking me to explain termonologies from the materials to her.  Her attendance in most courses is 100%.Tomorrow she will be preaching in my church.   Sarah Nakirya is getting stronger and stronger in this College ministry.
I am  to mark the course works from Kakira and this will also be sent to you soon.
The message you wrote on Ezekel 16:6, Psalm 51 and the challage on becoming the servants and solders of the most High God was so touching to my heart that I found myself on knees while crying to God after reading it.
Regarding Classroom Space
Bill came and  i shawed him the building of the Indian people, however, alot of details are yet being worked out including the cost.
According to my vision I wanted to have one large building which can serve the following purposes:
1.  Provide classrooms for the Bible College
2.  Double up for the church.
3.  Provide a prayer room.
4.  Provide rooms for you and the ATK team members when in Jinja,
5.  Provide an office for the College etc.
When the cost is established we shall share the cost by believing God for finances and raise the fund for purchasing it.
When the most High God gives a vision to his servants he also provide the means.
We will be very happy to have you, Julie and Jenna here in Jinja for longer periods in 2007.
Early last month I received 360,000/ ($200) = which you sent through Pastor Bill and Pastor Hudson brought it to me in Jinja.  This has eased our work of photocopying and the Bible College is going on well.
I have talked to Pastor Makka Fred and he has agreed on 100,000/= for the general rent and 20,000/= for Electricity and water per month , hence a total of 120,000/= monthly. ($60.)
He wants the first instalment to cover 6 or 4 months, beginning from April (this Month). ($240-360)
I shall be glad to hear from  you soon.
Pastor Simon Toli