I just want to share something with you today, that was spoken to my heart the other night. I had the privilege of sitting in on a divorce survival class and I was truly happy to find that this class was in truth about destiny.
   The speaker told us to stop focusing on the "Whys" of our divorces and to look to the Father for further instructions for our lives.

She reminded us that divorce does not define who we are, so drop the labels. She reminded us that the call on our lives were not signed away with the divorce papers.

She stated that if the father put the desire to be married in your heart, your heart will want to, no, desire to be in a marriage relationship.

  She addressed the subject of re-marriage this way: If the God we serve is a God of restoration, a God who forgives, why shouldn't we re-marry? If he is truly a God who makes all things new, a God who forgets when we ask for forgiveness... why is re-marriage wrong? Didn't He allow Paul to tell us that is it better to marry than to burn (with passion)?


Certainly divorce and separation are painful. I for one do not ever want to experience it again - EVER!

Just trust the Father's love for you. Truly he can and will protect your heart if you just let go of it......