Beloved, a new door stands before you this day, the door of new beginnings. It is yours, I have instructed the angelic host to stand there and help you walk through into this new season. 2007 holds for you a time of restoration, revelation, and revival. All have been birthed in the courts of heaven and you are on the list. What list you may say, the list of the Fathers heart and the Father's purposes, and the Fathers hope for this world. You have truly been chosen to walk in new dimensions of revelation, and relationship that will lead to understanding of revival. First revival of your own heart and mind, and then revival in cities and nations. Will you participate, will you provide the necessary things needed to see this revival come to its fullness or will it again fall dead to the ground like so many revivals of the past. I am waiting for you to walk with me to see it come to its fullest. It may not look like you expect it to, but I have your and my church's best interest at heart and I will see its fullfillment in my ways and my understanding. So gird your loins with truth and take up the shield of faith, and shod your feet with the gospel of peace, and place on your head the helmet of salvation and hold up the sword of the spirit and take your place and do not retreat for the greatest days of my church are upon you.