Prophetic word.
Rev. Linda Mazure

This was written last November. However I've held it until now.

I awakened early in the morning and heard these words. “A Trojan horse is in the land and its name is “Tolerance”.
As I begin to ponder these words the following morning believing the Lord has given a warning.

As I recall in Greek Mythology the Greeks had been at war with the Trojans for 10 years. Odysseus devised a plan that ultimately sealed the fate of the defeat for the Trojans. The Greeks sent all their ships away or into hiding which made the Trojans believe they’d finally grown weary of the battle and given up. The Greeks left a giant wooden horse outside the wall of the city. The Trojans pulled this wooden horse which was on wheels into their city believing it to be a peace offering. The shouts or victory and jubilant celebration began and by night fall the Trojans were in a drunken stupor and sleeping. The Greeks slipped quietly out the carefully camouflaged trap door which had been designed within the belly of the horse. They set the city on fire and killed the Trojan’s which brought victory to the Greeks.

As Christians, many of us have been in spiritual warfare against the devil and his cohorts. When the enemy attacks us openly we arise to the occasion and take up our sword for battle just as the Trojans had been doing for 10 years against the Greeks. However the enemy has discovered that the frontal attack is not as effective as the weapon of deception. He has set before us the Trojan horse named “Tolerance “ and we have brought it into our nation with jubilant celebration believing tolerance will somehow bring peace and unify our nation. However we need to observe that whatever we tolerate in our nation or in our family or personal lives is overtaking us.

We are being overtaken by drugs, sexual sin of all kinds, murder and on and on… Our children are being indoctrinated within our school system to tolerate all kinds of wickedness. Sodomy laws are being struck down as same sex marriage is becoming a new normal for this age. Children are rebellious and grow up to commit horrific crimes against society. Sex before marriage is the norm in Christian families. Unwed teen girls are having babies at alarming rates. Militant Muslims are infiltrating all areas of our military, government, communities and schools.

We are called people filled with hate if speak out against these sinful practices and have been marked by our own government as dangerous. Freedom of expression is the word for today unless you desire to share your Christian values or the word of God.
The Trojan horse named “Tolerance stands as a giant in our land! We must awake from our stupor!