Happy Valentine’s from Thailand -2008

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Happy Valentine’s from Thailand 2008
Can YOU give your Heart on Valentines??
Do you see something strange??
Christians are in the only Shopping Mall (Tesco Lotus) in Krabi,
they are handing out Amazing Love Christian tracks and Zina is
singing Love songs about Jesus!!
You CAN Do It only in Thailand and there are many Muslims there too!!
We gave tracks to two Muslim girls that always say HI to us,
one asked where her Valentine’s flower was, Zina gave a rose to her
and she was so humble to receive it. :-)
We were blessed to be guests at a Thai Chinese New Year lunch and
the family we were with, are one of the first immigrants to start the city
of Krabi. They are Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners and the
Mayor of Krabi. God has given us Special Favor and please PRAY for
this family- amen. :-)
Can YOU Help US … we need some HELP. :-)
God bless you, we need YOU, we need the Family,
we need the KINGDOM Kids and so His Kingdom & Will be done.
Please take a moment to talk to Jesus about "Muay Thai Missions" - MTM. :-)
Pray, Pray, Pray ... Prayer needs and wants:
1. We need some MTM REP.'s, seriously, we need some people, we don't care where you
are from, if you have a heart for God's Missions then please contact us. We need HELP. :-)
It is going to cost us $5,000.00+ US to go back to the USA to promote/ share MTM with people,
we are not feeling peace about spending money like that to go back, we want to be good
Stewards and if we had some MTM REP.’s then they could share the Mission here and ask
people to come and get involved. :-)
2. We still do not have a Work Visa WHY?? GOD please clearly show us a way to stay
in Thailand and help us get under a covering so we can stay in Thailand.
3. We need a Building/ Location, used or new, to set up a permanent Fellowship, Community Center
and Outreach. There are some possibilities but again we want God's Perfect Will- amen.
4. Pray that God would keep us Healthy and Young in Jesus Name, we claim Healing
and Supernatural Health which is our Full Gospel/ Salvation message to the world- amen!!
5. We need a REVIVAL in the hearts of the Christians here in Ao Nang area.
We are meeting more and more Christians here but there is not a place of unity, we want to
start a meeting place to bring unity and to claim God's Word so that HE would show up in
REVIVAL just like He has so many times in the past- amen.
6. I am getting Visions of having a Fellowship at the Ao Nang Beach.
We could practice Thai/ Eng, do worship songs, share God’s word and pray
for those whom want it and yes, we would go eat Thai food afterwards.
7. Schedule, we always ask each other … what are you DOING??
Honestly, we do not know, we are waiting, praying to God and just
DOING what He brings into our lives. I have lived most of my life on a
Schedule, I am military like that and for the first time in our lives we really
do not have a Schedule, it drives me crazy sometimes but I am learning it is
God’s season for our lives … be still (do nothing) before the Lord your God and Maker.
I am always being reminded … God said your work/ doing is KNOW His Son- amen.
Please contact US, tell your prayer groups about our needs
and we are serious about SEEING God appear in His Power here- amen.
Love in His PASSION, Doc. :-)
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