Greetings, Everyone!

Blessings to you all on the weekend when we remember and celebrate the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. The term "Easter" has become meaningless in our culture, and so it is good to draw our attention to the truth of what we remember and worship.

Tonight at the Encountering God Service, I'll be speaking on Song of Solomon 2, the Identity of the Bride in the Beauty of Jesus. Brandon Sales, one of our staff members, will present a charge to intercessors from the story of Anna in Luke 2. So, come early and get a seat!

Following the EGS, beginning around 10 PM, there will be a special presentation entitled "Before Your Feet." It is an audio-visual contemplation on the Seven Last Words of Christ on the cross, and is a compelling hour of reflection on what Jesus did to win our hearts. Come prepared to be impacted with the depth of Jesus' love.

See you tonight!

Gary Wiens