Is your "Heart" into it? (Topic)
Why hold on? (Sub Topic)

How often do you find yourself in situations where you have either volunteered, taking on a task or responsibility only to find that you don't have enough time in the day or you just accepted the responsibility instead of saying "no" or "thinking about it"? What about when you've taken on a role in life and you find that your heart simply isn't into what you are doing, you've lost your "zeal" for what you started on?

Ask yourself this question, "Has my "Passion Died" for what I longed for? Is my heart aligned with my mind in the position that I am in?

Do you find yourself just "Going with the Motion" of things or just doing things to make a situation "satisfactory"?

I've been in that position a time or two in my life , as a matter of fact I am in that place in my life right now…

When I began to ponder on that word "Satisfactory" It took me back to grade school because for me "Satisfactory" just wasn't good enough back then , it was almost worst than failing… Com'on you remember the E-for Excellent, The S-for Satisfactory, The NI- for Needs Improvement, and the U- for Unsatisfactory.

I've been challenged to pull up my grades (as my mom and dad used to say to me) when I would drop from an E to and S or and NI…

I am one of those people that most times find it hard to say "no" for whatever the reason may be. How many of you can relate to always feeling like you are there for someone and when it's time for someone to "be there" for you , you find that you are not always being  favored?

I am one of those people that goes above what's necessary because I've been hurt so much in life I don't like to see other people hurt or feel like I would be responsible for hurting someone if I didn't give of them what they were asking or expecting of me… Have you ever felt like that?

I had to start making a decision to start doing what my "heart desires", I've had to learn to stop making decisions based on the fact that someone "Asked" me to do something and feeling "Pressured" that I had to say "Yes" because of not wanting to let someone down or hurt their feelings.  In this quest that I am on I am also learning that when we consult GOD about what it is that HE would have for us to do , we don't have to second guess if we are hearing from him based on the fact that what he is saying to us about a certain situation or area in your life my not be what the opposing or asking person wants to hear. If you are GOD led "Not" to do something then take heed, it's for a reason… You may not see it now but eventually you will…

Many a times people might think you are the best person for the job but if you don't have the "Drive" or the "Passion" to put your all into it then that is what the results are going to be from that project that you've been appointed to…It's like seed sowing you're only going to get out of something what you put into it.

I remember a song from the secular world whoms lyrics went something like this "If your heart isn't in it why don't you tell me so, if your heart isn't in it why don't you let it go" (Now these might not be the "Exact" lyrics, but I am sure you get where I am coming from) It’s a "Love Song" and one of the persons love the other person more than that person loves them in return. So they posed the question "If your heart isn't in it , then why keep me hanging on?"

If your heart isn't into something then "Why hold on?"
If you can't put 100% into what you are doing then "Why hold on?"
If you call yourself "committed" to something but you can have a nonchalant or don't care attitude about the results for it the "Why Hold on?"

If you can just say "I am just there" then why hold on?"

God has promised us the "Desires of our Hearts"  he doesn't want to see our Passion Die in the midst of what we are doing. He wants to see every promised fulfilled , he wants us to be "happy" in our situations, he wants us to live a "Fulfilled" life, but if our "hearts" aren't into what we are doing how can he please us and give us our desires?

If your heart isn't into something then don't waste your time or hold up someone else's dream or passion.

Remember, These are "Just A Thought" something to Ponder on…

Be Blessed

Latonja Battle
DIVA_Thoughts Admin

"The seeds we SOW TODAY determine the kind of fruit we'll REAP TOMORROW"

"Ability is what you are capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you can do it."