Ben & Stephanie Dunn
Ben and Stephanie Dunn will be coming for a day of blissful worship this Sunday, Dec.  7th  10:00 AM & 6:00 PM
WHERE: AWM  – for directions see
Benjamin & Stephanie Dunn are two Jesus Lovers that travel around the world splashing the extravagant message of the Cross of Jesus Christ!
Benjamin & Stephanie had an awesome encounter with the Lord while they were hitchhiking and hopelessly wandering through out California. The Lord showed up mightily for them and forever captured their hearts.
Their obsession is to see people all over the earth collide with the greatest pleasure of all...JESUS!
They are abundantly satiated them with the fatness from the sacrifice of His house and he makes them to drink of the river of pleasure. Psalm 36:8
Through intimate, joyous, worship and a message of the incalculable, exhaustless, unsearchable riches of Jesus, Benjamin & Stephanie minister a massive drink of the Truth!
God forbid that they boast about anything or anyone but the Cross of Jesus Christ!
Benjamin & Stephanie also have an uncontrollable, holy addiction... the Gypsies in Eastern Europe! Their heart is bursting with a passion to bring the Gospel to the poorest places in the world.
From poor village to poorer villages, they travel searching out God’s beautiful treasures hidden among the trash.
Benjamin & Stephanie often travel with Georgian & Winnie Banov and love them very, very much. They are spiritual parents to them and have made a huge impact on their lives. They often travel together on the missions field releasing the Joy of Jesus.