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Chinese troops have been part of the United Nations team in Haiti and when the earthquake devastated the island nation, China quickly sent a crew to help. Recently, Haiti has been a key stopover point for Chinese who are illegally entering America and hundreds of them are still among all of the missing victims of the earthquake. Chinese people know the pain a massive earthquake brings. They are proud of themselves and how quickly they rebuilt after the Sichuan earthquake. They also tend to look down on those who they refer to as "lazy and poor". May the Lord give us and them humility and take away the pride of superiority. Let us pray for the relief and rebuilding efforts in this poor nation of Haiti.
The Chinese government has an ambitious plan to bring many of the villages into the digital age by providing digital television broadcasts and making television, computers, and cell phones available in all rural areas. Currently almost all of the farmers have televisions and cell phones. Rural ministry is undergoing lots of challenges and church attendance has dropped as people have many options for entertainment as well as staying home to watch their favorite shows or stay connected to the internet. We pray for hunger for Truth and a desire to be fed spiritually in the churches of China. May the Lord grant us another revival.
The lack of a sense of belonging is particularly common among people in big cities in China. The huge movement of people from villages to cities to seek jobs has created a whole segment of the population unable to afford the high living standard they find in the cities so they become marginalized and feel lonely, depressed and rootless. Although the gospel of Jesus is good news for all, especially the lowly and downcast, unfortunately, urban churches are generally hesitant to reach out to the lowly and marginalized people. Let us pray for a heart of mercy and compassion for the believers and churches and that they will be willing to share the gospel with everyone.
In 2009 China's real estate market was in a frenzy. With so many people buying houses in fear of skyrocketing prices and buying automobiles because of the government stimulus program, parking spaces have become precious and are the hottest commodities to be found. As more people own cars, churches need to find places for people to park on Sundays. It also means that believers can attend other churches, even those one thought to be distant. Churches must have a vision for growth and outreach to their communities. Let us pray for them as they tackle the issue of parking and how to minister to members who live far away.
As the youth from rural areas leave home for work in the cities, those who are married inevitably experience problems in spousal and parent-child relationships. Divorce is not uncommon for those who go to work in the city. For millions, the precious two-week period during the Chinese New Year when they can be together does little to patch up the cacks in their marriage. Let us pray earnestly for all believers whose marriages are suffering. Stress from family, money issues and poor communication simply cause the fragile relationship to break. We believe God can do the impossible fo those who seek Him and we pray for every couple that is seeking divine help in their marriage.
Beijing police canceled the first gay pageant scheduled in China. Their opposition to homosexuality is not due to religion, and attitudes are slowly shifting among city dwellers from one of intolerance to indifference. Gays in China say their biggest challenge is dealing with parents and deeply ingrained expectations for them to get married and have children. Sexual morality has changed greatly in China for gays and straights alike. All sexual sins are wrong in God's eyes. Let us pray for the guarding of the hearts of all believers. We pray especially for Christian businessmen who must entertain as part of their business dealings.
A foreign magazine claims that the 21st century is China's century--all eyes will be on China and wealth and power will converge on the East. In the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger so it is little wonder that many Chinese are confident and excited in their outlook for this century. We pray for the many churches who are planning their evangelistic meetings for the coming Chinese New Year season. This is indeed the best time for outreach and during this time many come to accept Jesus. As people feel proud and upbeat, we humbly pray for the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts and lives.