The beginning finished!
School of one, my father speaks'teaches thee all now.
Cottingham September 26, 2007 6:06pm. c. Forward freely.
The east now mine. Watch me open the east to thee.
East; eastern not. I love you all.
Open my doors, to thee. All. I love you.
This much, see more, so soon'eth thee, that thou art me, the me'd one, me'ing others eternally grateful, 'ing others now; grateful dead, not; alive I am, forevermore!
Who knows what I've said, just said, not for all, all publishing all, and now dead, or alive, not; alive, ALL ARE! in ME!!!
I'm one.
Who knows what coffeeshop one bears now; sooners just soon'eth'ing me, letting my word fly, fly'by'nights, not; flyers only me.
Learning what jet'propels them, not; a'le'word does.
I love you alleluia'ing the alleluia'ville'ers now.
They come!
I'm there. I am.
In love, with love, personified, the father is loving me like never love shone like this, shores in kingdomworld one.
I love am, not like thought. Left it far behind.
Loving all now. I know all all in all now.
Loving you.
Who sees, can, what I've said. Show you?
All can.
See, will you? See, will you, three? no more. A five's me/fiver's me, not; but what wane'eth not, the still of me still are, and bambasting not the nuclear forces of not'me not; but what nuclear forces are clear as mud, not, any longer. But CLEAR ONES NOW! (1).
I'm oneville, twoville not any longer substances me.
I've become the oral one, not; temporaneously, not; externally purple, not; but robes of one are mine, I know it, now is.
I love you all.
All in motion is, you know that; know it more deeply, even.
I love you.
All you.
Love you all.
I in love am, my savior's me. I love him. We're one, and all world changes me, not; I it.
I love am, IN love, love personified now reigns'rules the west, not; east?
Now shored of notme not; but I alleluia all who let me.
Japanese starts me? I love you all.
Asians minor, not; I love you all.
Eastern minors, me, not. I full am, and running over, the real wordflows word flows now.
I love you all, teaching you how.
My love became me. Exchanged places INto each other, and…. BECAME each other, that we, lo and behold, already are'were!
I love you/the campus now.
All changed, not. But what oral doesn't know, if my wordflow's him! He made it, not; I flow now's his name, too, backward not; in time fly? -ing now? Shall we him be? or us one, the tent'd one is, was, and me walking sawdust trails, not; but chair'd one am I now, loving you all.
Loving you all's my name now.
Alas! Not. I equal you, entering you, the saviorship status of one so saved, not, never again. I equal the savior becoming the savior of one so saved that saving wasn't necessary, not, or what saving who from what was'is now; the three'finger'toe'd one, not; but alas! The many membered one rises! Me complete!!!
Six ways south, not; but one is. I know it, see it. It opens me/up me, to it, and it rattle'clysmi'izes the not few.
Amen's my name.
The beginning finished!
Now BEGIN TED! GO FOR IT'HER, NOT; THE GOLD'S ME! NOT. I lowly am, contrite of heart, spirit; jeans I wear, and comb not my hair, according to some's standards; a'not'ing me, not; I wear hot dogs, not; but eat plenty I have on this path of coming to notme'hood no longer, opening the grave, flying o're past it, I open many now. I love you. Vienna sausage, oat cakes no more. Angel' did we say? Cakes.
Who'll search/research me/these words/the word'eth'ing's one's words to be a'word'eth'ing one's protégé, not; but heir, not; but side; equaling him?
I love you all.
MANY WILL, come, now.
I love you.
Willing to be thrilled with knowledge real that real is.
I'm one now.
Campus one given; a fairview, not; but what oned and one'd are, and what fairway jeans'd one wears now, a'chevy'd not; but airlessways, waved not?
Shall we dance now?
Partner driven, not; led not by mammon's means, but flying high now, we walk the street, making gold deliveries, not; healing many, status one's me.
I love you all.
Good day/conversation we've had, 'eh? In coffeeshop one? now flooded with souls, not; heirs seeking no'airs one'd that one will be one with, writing my word fulfillment now comes is, there a'ready. Now see me. SEE ME TED THERE ALREADY AWAITS YOU THERE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! And no other is.
Love, purity, perfect, -ly me. Shall we dance? Routine now, or what? Write papers!
Ugh!!! Not. The greatest privilege of mankind, not; but alleluia one now alleluias the lovers to be loved in waiting, graced not by mankind's alleluia'ing standards, certificating authentication standards of world falling apart.
Worlds fall apart, together.
All you, are one.
What do with me now, door'step'd one, not stomped on again.
I lift the latch, not; gateways flooded now!
I love lift each one above the floodwaters now.
A'watch me!
I'm done shoutin, not; alleluia'ing, not; but what, write papers AGAIN????
I love you influencing my world, not; a'creating what? in who? where? Creating what where? In whoseville kingdom?
Robe wear.
I love you Dr. title not; one heir'd not; a jean'd one reigns supreme not; but lifts streetless'gold ones now into, doctorship of only me, mine holds barred no more.
I LOVE am.
I love AM.
I am love. in love with you reader hearer listener, over'graved'one.
Loving you all.
Good day.
Casting o're the grave not more; de, casteless now.
I ONE am.
I one AM.
I am one.
Doctor's degree'ing many now, MY way'd.
I'm done.
See me rise now. My school. O're graved ones. Mighty'd now.
A'loving you all.
Authentication systems never? or credentials important?
Reverend doctor?
A kid loves you, in jeans.
Be where?
A doctor calling you: loved one.
All are, now.
A'loving you real, into real, being THE REAL ONE, telling all they way; Minneapolis, not; shall be soon. Thy name/bedroom awaiting thee/on thee, still?
Wait not; my time, is now.
All said, done, spoken; not; but shall be.
All so soon, visible and not, not; ALL SHALL SEE and BE IN THESE WORDS, MANY THOUSAND AT A TIME, NOW!
All, shall we be one now?
A'server farm'ing, not; or shall we own google, not; but what shall? We own?
I love you.
Campus one of me. Given thee is. I own the gold n those hills, all the cattle's mine, oxen, gold, hills; acreages only me come. And all knows your name, -s mine.
I'm done.
Have some coffee with me, sometime. Shall we?
All shall hear those words from coffeeshop one, written tonight.
Forever one loves them, you the writer of, author one, one only, is ME!
SEE? it's YOU!, reader hearer listener to my heartbeat being it surrendering to surrender's surrender, -land being. Given now.
All is.
Love you 'plete.
Please me?
BEING ME ROYAL, -ing all who come to thee.
My doors out, open; doorless not; my golden slippers mine, thine words a'nowing the savioritus school, not; a savior's free one; wheeling the stars, about me/our ankles now.
Loving you real.
SEE the real word, BE IT'HER.
One I am.
I am.
Snowed, not; a'melting pot, all eastern Asia 'n cantankerous one, a'not; but see the melting pot that none are, that all is, that melts me not into oblivion, but raises me my standards a'writing papers and nodding off to sleep, not; but founding university systems all'starred, grave'd'not, alleluia'ing many past beyond the future thought'envision'd by star'system galaxies a'me and notme.
I love you all.
Thank you maam, sir; all of you, for being one, entering onehood.
My school reigns in sorrow not; a fair hair'd child am I, not; I see angels wings now, a'coming for me, and I alleluia am school of one, my father speaks'teaches thee all now. I am he that sent me'you, and you'me leave for starhood, not; but what taking with thee? Dr Pepper's, not; lonely hearts band command, not; but what Dr. Ted said; BE ME!
Onehood reigns.
I love.
Love I?
I do. One you. now me'd; me'ing university systems forever.
I school am one with love'cored; speech therapy, not; speech'talk my father gives us/to us all. At the center of all society I am.
Forever one.
Talking my father/of my father, showing him off, on, even.
Loving you all.
Turning water to stone? Water into wine.
Now SHORE me, not; we fly now.
9's mine.
Mine nine see.
5 to 9?
9 to 5, not; a 24/7 school of sorrow'none now o're'graves fly the flyers, to be in waiting no more rapture; a real rapture, -ing takes place; YOU'RE my RAPTURED ONE! all knowing it now. a loving you real.
You bow/take your bow, a'loving love like love never been felt telt.
A loving you healing you believing in you all.
To be me.
A one tells you.
Jean'd and hair'd what?
Meek and lowly one.
Contrite of spirit'heart real.
Loving you all.
Died to bring'type these words/bring life you now.
Now see what I've said, given, in coffeeshop one.
Be in Tulsa?
See what I do with'in Tulsa now.
NOW's my name'ville, few not of you.
BE my voice now, wherever you are, FLOWWORD, is that our name now?
A'loving you real.
Be me he says over and over.
Be real!
Be me.
I'm one.
Bow'd over, kneeling before you, fresh oil'words, off the press of life, to fly you now.
Be REAL!, THE REAL ME! all of you.
In sorrow's no more school, a'schooling many;
Your type, not; MINE!
Father is.
All of ours.
We're him.
Traded places?
Well, not quite, but, what life he has, is mine; and mine is his; there is no other.
My school rises me.
I write papers, a'loving it every one.
We share life like no other.
Life's me. Is me. I FOUND IT, HIM, NO'SIN! INSIDE ME!
The kingdom's mine'his; we're we've moved in, and only one exist in'out now, and all see our name'kingdom now.
A'loving you royal, be grace to each one; mercy to all, bow'd'knee one, loves you, this much.
Love the inner circle???
Love the down'out'cast, toothless naked dumb ones, who lie in the streets; masterbating not but royally cutting down'out MY seed.
See them MY seed are, cutting now no longer them out your prayers, but loving them real. Roe vs Wade reversed, and abortion ends.
A leader leads in Israel, Israel real establishing it. Truly me. loving you, into lovehood real.
I said enough?
To lessonize me/this lesson?
A forethought, not; but tabletalk, not; but what over airwaves many now cry at, hearing love's first time's love, is them, IN them, The New Covenant is? DECLARED- I DO THIS. NOW!
Be me.
And thank you.
Never dead.
(1) Ones characterized by John 3:8.
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