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By Darlene Osborne, Publisher
Jesus told The Twelve in Matthew 10:8,'Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely you have received freely give.'  But today's TV evangelists are saying something entirely different.  They are saying, want a miracle? Well it's going cost you! To those of you who are trying to buy these miracles, at whatever price they're going for these days, I would like to caution you about what you're doing. More

By Candace Simar
Sometimes I feel like I am standing in the eye of a hurricane. In my mind I visualize the weather map showing the huge blob of storm and in the midst of it, a dark eye. Around me swirl the cares of the world, the problems of family members, the busy-ness of the church, the demands of my writing. More

By Lillian Hines
Dr. Russell Blaylock¹, board-certified neurosurgeon and author tells this humorous tidbit about his own life: "I used to do so well, until I hit 50, then when I hit 50 things start breaking down. I’ve got aches and pains. I used to jump and run and now I can hardly get out of bed in the morning. What happened when I reached 50? Well, folks it’s not what happened at 50 – it’s those first 50 years!" More

By Jettie Hess
Let us enter into 2008 with joy, praise, gratitude and happiness.  While this could very well be the year that the dead in Christ rise, and those who remain are caught up to meet the Lord in the air, we also know that God's Word tell us that no one knows the day and time, not even our Lord Jesus Christ.  Nonetheless, may us keep this great hope in our hearts and watch daily for His coming. The Love of Christ Journal More

By Michelle Blackmon
In focusing on parenting ministries this year, a great one to investigate is Family Discipleship Ministries found online at  This is an awesome ministry for parents and families in helping to focus on God. More

By Calvin R. and Lisa Are Wulf
It's time to stop and think.  Are we incurring debt to finance possessions that bring glory to God - or glory to ourselves?  Are we exchanging our financial ability to serve him for a momentary indulgence?  What a terrible price to pay for our instant pleasure. More

By Danny Woodall
In the nineteenth century, Alaska and California had gold rushes. The saying "There’s gold in those hills" became popular. Harvesting souls is like mining for gold. The Parable of the Sower, in Matthew tells how important for it is for the seeds to fall on good ground. The Church is responsible for helping prepare the soil in order to win souls. Today the world doesn’t need a new Gold Rush, but a Gospel Rush. More

By Leigh Moran
I love butterflies, they seem so symbolic of so many beautiful happenings to me. They signify a new birth. As I have written before, I actually saw butterflies where there should have been none. So, my heart and soul are touched by one of God's most beautiful creations. As the butterfly goes through the stage of egg, larval caterpillar, inactive pupal stage and then the glorious metamorphosis, we see a birth of beauty. More

By Robert Fortune
The wonderful joy and excited anticipation that we can experience as we grown in our faith is often seasoned by disappointment and regret as we discover that our walk is not always without its pain. More

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By Darlene Osborne, Publisher