Hello Friends,
This is just a short note to ask a favor actually. On board the ship we are blessed with a variety of amenities to allow us to relax a little from time to time. We are blessed to have televisions and satellite access to view the news,sports and other entertainment. There seems to be a great following of Cricket, Rugby and Football(Soccer for Americans)While all of these sports are interesting and great fun to watch...we long to see some of our own sports American Football. If any of you would want to really bless us beyond the blessings you already provide. It would be wonderful if you would record a disc of the Jaguars or Redskins game each week and then mail them to us. Obviously these are our two favorite teams, however if you want to record us your favorite team and send that along, we would be most grateful as well.

So tomorrow as the Redskins play the Jaguars preseason in Jacksonville at 7:30PM we'd really think it would be great to see the Jaguars win their last preseason game at home. From the news we've seen they are currently 0-3. Go Jaguars!!

God's Blessings,
Rob and Denise