February 11, 2010


Fellow Believers in Christ,

Truly Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, is working in the nations to bring forth awesome events before our very eyes. If you stay in touch with the Holy Spirit within you, spiritual revelations shall increase as you pray, study the Word and watch the daily news unfold.

Not one generation of mankind has ever been free of serious troubles each day. This is our time in history to be doers of the Word of God in faith and loyalty to our King Jesus! It is time to be very serious with the call upon our lives.

Eternity with the Holy Trinity is coming closer for each of us...indeed, we are "living in it" even now! At death, when we step out of our "earthly bodies...earth suits..." and rise into the full realm of God's Heavenly Kingdom, may we rejoice knowing that our lives were lived in obedient service on the earth for His Glory.

Everywhere, we can see many Christians swept up in the frothy things of the world...perhaps not particularly "bad/evil things" but playful unecessary wasteful things stealing their time...too much TV, movies, internet entertainments/amusements, worldly chatter, music, shopping and fellowshipping at work and play without leading any of the lost souls to Christ. Mllions in the Nations go unsaved and untaught because of the lack of intercesson by the saints in God's Kingdom...many are the slothful, selfish and sleeping disciples of Christ!

WHO and WHAT will stand before us in Heaven as fruit of our life spent on earth?

It is worth it to SERVE HIM NOW while there is time!

Here are just a couple of personal prophecies received in the recent past. The Lord has instructed me to share these now with His Church...the Body of Christ for encouragement.

May you hear clearly which words are for your life... as you continue to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Matthew 6:33

(Also Study Romans 14: 17-18...what the Kingdom of God is and is not...)

May we take our Salvation more seriously than the dull tinsel and carnal trappings of this world! We are bought with a price and not our own. ONLY JESUS IS LORD!



"I will never leave you, I will never leave you in want.
Your needs will always be met at the perfect time.

My love and care will cover you as a mist...
As a lovely frost covers a precious tree.

You will never find Me far from your cry...
For I answer even before you speak out to ask.

Blessings from My open hands are falling all around you...
Every second of your life.

Focus only on Me and My love for you...
In this is found abundant life and all joys.

There are still wondrous things for you to see...
Wondrous things for you to know...
Wondrous things to enjoy.

Know now in your heart that I will be your everything...
And you will find nothing lacking in your life."


"TURNING POINT" ~ Prophecy

"I will do it! Surely, I will do it!

My blessings will now increase from this day forward.

The wrestling days are over. I have commanded those enemies to "back off."

Now you will rise in obedience to new heights. Your years in front of you will be in peace and great rejoicing as you advance for My Kingdom.

I am with you and will not take My hand from you to bless you.

My eye will guide you and My heart will become your heart...a servant after My own heart...Go in peace and joy."


Rev. Geraldine A Merrick ~ Rejoice International

Rejoice Rally ~ Message Copyrighted February 2010