March 4, 2010

FROTH & FOAM ~ FLINT & FIRE ~ Prophecy

Dear Fellow Believers in Christ,

The Lord is taking His disciples into a new dimension of service. Any who hunger for fresh fellowship with the Holy Trinity in their lives should rejoice in this news!

We have gone through a strange year of 2009 in the natural and spiritual realms. March 2010 is now here with promises to usher in an ABUNDANT SPRING in many areas for Christians.

Those in the Body of Christ should spend personal prayer time seeking fresh instructions and clear directions from the Holy Spirit to finish this year with new power and grace given. We will be needing great strength to go forward into 2011-2020+.

Righteous lives are under strong assalts from evil forces. God's Kingdom is within the Believer ("The kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit...") Romans 14:17 (Keep this alive by living Galatians 5:22-23)

The world, the flesh and the devil will do anything possible to weaken a Christian dedicated to true godly actions and serving Christ as His loyal follower at any cost.


The Lord has been speaking to me about the depths of faith in my own life, going on 61 years now as a Believer since a child of 7 in south Texas.
He has been directing me to yield to being stretched in new directions of service as never before, taking new territories for His glory and trusting Him with the future before me...fresh obedience.

Learning new skills, tapping into dormant talents and trusting His provision in all degrees of life's activities is requiring more time in prayer at the feet of the Lord Jesus...the Master and Commander of my life.

Allow the prophecy posted here to be a quiet loving test from the Lord concerning your own faith level and degree of truthfulness in that faith. Is your faith "FROTH & FOAM or FLINT & FIRE"


FROTH and FOAM ~ FLINT and FIRE ~ Prophecy

"Faith is the only way to please Me. I must purify and test your faith from time to time in order to show where you are in your level of true loyalty and love for Me.

I know everything about you; your life, your fears, your hopes, your disappointments and your deepest heart's desires. But through suffering you learn obedience and through testing, your true life hidden in Me is revealed again and again. You also see the false priorities and wants that need to be redirected.

There are many levels, layers and types of faith. Some look real but are in fact only FROTH and FOAM. Appearing large, but in reality only empty, worthless, meaningless and void of My Spirit's power.

Dangerous times of testing and endurance are coming soon. Those who have their faith based upon the financial realm will see that faith dissolve as FROTH and FOAM! Those who have lived in front of others professing to be spiritual giants will be brought low as their faith is proven to be FROTH and FOAM!

My true Believers should inspect and examine their own faith now. Is it FROTH and FOAM or FLINT and FIRE? True rock solid living faith shall stand every test and every battle.

My love for you demands that I test your faith in the furnace of My Spirit and Word! Surrendering to Me shall never destroy you!

Choose now before the battle is all around you. Trust Me to keep you in the heart of all of My promises. Let all childish games of FROTH and FOAM and worldly deceptions cease in your lives! Come to Me and be changed into Warriors of Faith dressed in My full armor of light.

Why delay your preparations when the warning signs are increasing every hour! Be prepared in advance! This has always been the wisdom of the ages. Grow strong now in your faith! Drop all unnecssary things in your life...both the good and the bad...they will cause you to stumble and fall in the heat of the battle.


The choice of faith is yours to make! Choose with wisdom!"

Rev. Geraldine A Merrick ~ Rejoice International

Rejoice Rally ~ Message Copyrighted March 2010