March 20, 2010


May the abundance of this lovely new season bring joy to each of you with thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen.

The Lord is truly working with His Church, the Body of Christ through many facets of life. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God will keep all of us going forward into His wondrous plan. May the world see the Living Son of God, Jesus Christ the Lord, through the Body of Christ on the earth! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! (Hebrews 13:8)

Rough, trying and wearisome times will continue as we see the daily arrogant evil trying to hold back the prayers of the children of God. We must walk in the spirit and recognize when the earthly emotional pull of the flesh is hindering our walk of faith as disciples of Christ. We are still at war against demonic forces!

With the huge ungodly changes in America and also the other nations, Christians must seek the face and will of God to stay effective in His Kingdom while we are on the earth. (Matthew 6:33)

My own anger, outrage and frustration has had to be brought under the Lordship of Christ Jesus in order to pray as He taught and prayed..."Father, not my will be done, but Your will be done on the earth as it is in Heaven." "Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing..."

May the fear of Almighty God (the beginning of wisdom) fall upon all the nations! May millions of hearts, from the highest in power and wealth to the lowest, turn and obey the voice of Almighty God! May the Name of God be magnified in all the earth!

Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus!



"I AM the true LIGHT. I AM the everlasting LIFE.

I AM the LIGHT OF LIFE. I AM the shining answer to all of man's searching. I AM the radiant pathway mankind desires.

You are the Children of My LIGHT. You are filled with My LIFE!

Only through being refreshed again and again with true fellowship with Me, can you have strength in your shine the LIGHT.

As you draw near to Me for all of your strength, you will reflect Me...the LIGHT OF LIFE!

There will be those all around you, who will break and fall under the pressures of these present days and those still to come.

You need not fear. You need not fall. Your joy and peace shall be as a bubbling spring through the LIGHT OF LIFE within you.

Pray for and encourage your brothers and sisters who are still weak and growing in faith. Warn those who are falling away hearing the whisperings of the world system.

Cling to what you believe and add to your obedience and faith daily.

My LIGHT OF LIFE shall not fail to keep you in My hand...My plan...My care.

Turn more and more from the things of this are not of it and are being repeled by it daily. This is My working within your life.
I AM calling My Spotless Bride forth as My return draws closer and closer.

Turn a deaf ear to those who would say that "Christ will never return." You are filled with unspeakable joy, knowing the truth!



I John 5-7 *** Psalm 56:13 *** John 8:12 *** I Thess.5:5


Rev. Geraldine A Merrick ~ Rejoice International

Rejoice Rally ~ Message Copyrighted March 2010