March 28, 2010 ~ PALM SUNDAY

THE GREAT I AM ~ Prophecy (delivered in 1988 and shared here 2010)

Blessed PALM SUNDAY to all Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ!

We are approaching the events of Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday. (commonly called Easter Sunday)

We read in the Gospels, the account of the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus riding on an unbroken colt (never ridden before) and the crowds laying palm branches down as a carpet before Him, shouting, "HOSANNA! BLESSED IS HE...THE KING...WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! PEACE IN HEAVEN AND GLORY IN THE HIGHEST!"
Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, later going to the Cross for His death and the salvation for all mankind. (Luke 19:28-38 NIV)

Then on into Chapter 19 in the Book of Revelation, reading how Jesus the Christ, the Lord of Glory returns as GOD'S LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDA...riding on His heavenly white war horse!

What JOY to be part of Almighty God's family through Christ!

Nothing in and of this world can ever truly hold us down or strip us of the joy of the Lord...our strength, salvation and victory!

"Come into our hearts new and fresh, Lord Jesus, and transform us with Your glory, love and grace!" AMEN!




THE GREAT I AM ~ Prophecy

"Rejoice in Me for I alone know what you need. I AM the great I AM and will never change my nature.

As you find yourself delighting in Me, you will look and see the cares and burdens of this life fall away like ashes.

As you choose to lose yourself in Me, in My nature, you will see how I can change you into another Man...the Man Jesus Christ.

Rejoice in the times when all around looks dark and hopeless.

Rejoice knowing that it is in these times My hand can be seen lifting you high into victory.

I have done it many times before for others. Will I not do it for you?

Look more into My face than into the face of your situation.

Trust and have Rejoicing Faith in Me as you expect every crisis to be turned into a time of deliverance and victory.

Have I brought you so far that I would now put you down...forget you?

You worry and fret because you have not truly seen and known Me!

Come and get acquainted with Me and I will show you the taste of true Joy and Rejoicing!"


Rev. Geraldine A Merrick ~ Rejoice International

Rejoice Rally ~ Message Copyrighted March, 2010