Good Morning Sons and Daughters,

This Army, this special company of believers who will house My Glory and who will perform great signs, wonders, and miracles, will NOT be formed by man, but by Me.

This anointing is not transferable.  You cannot join a group of believers to receive this anointing.  You cannot pray, except to consecrate yourself to My plans and purposes only, to receive this anointing.  You cannot have hands laid upon you to receive this anointing.  You cannot fast to receive this anointing.  You cannot be well read enough to receive this anointing. 

This anointing can only be received by your consecrating yourself, your things, your time, your resources, your all to Me.  By consecrating yourself to Me you will enable Me to purge the dross within you that would otherwise inhibit the flow of the anointing: a baptism in fire.  You enable Me to put upon you a new wineskin within which I will pour this anointing.

I continue to extend the invitation to join My Army, however, the door has already begun to close.


Speak the Kingdom Prayer of Salvation.

I love you all.......



















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