Pray for the United States ¯ This is an invitation to all Seers, Prophetic Worshipers and Intercessors to pray and declare with us:
  • We declare that another great awakening has begun.
  • We declare that this awakening will bring about a cultural transformation and a return to the values of our founding fathers.
  • We declare that the church will again be salt and light in American society.
  • We declare revival in the church, restoring the fire of the early church during Pentecost and birth of Christianity.
  • We repent from harboring the spirit of legalism and self-righteous pride, and ask the Spirit of the Lord to come like a mighty wind to sweep the orphan spirit from our midst.
  • We repent from any dishonoring of our heavenly Father and misrepresenting His gracious and generous nature as clearly displayed in the giving of His Son, Jesus.
  • We declare that the Lord is meeting all of our needs according to His riches and glory. As Psalm 23 declares, He is our Shepherd and because of Him we lack nothing.
  • We declare that as we follow the Shepherd only goodness, mercy and unfailing love follow us all of the days of our lives.
  • We also declare that as the church follows the Good Shepherd, we will lead the world into green pastures and still waters because the world is always peripheral to the church.
  • We declare that over the next several months there will be a mighty army of worshippers that will arise, resulting in a righteous shift over our congressional leaders.
  • We decree a shift in the United States Congress in the Fall of 2010 towards life, justice, compassion and truth.
  • Just as the election of Senator Brown was a signal of the end of secular liberalism, let these decrees be heard as thunder in the heavens and shake Washington DC this November.
  • We call for a new congress of leaders who are servants, not career politicians; sons and not orphans; lovers of life, truth and compassion.
  • We declare a supernatural increase in gross national product, and by God¯s wisdom, favor and special blessing we will again become a debt free nation.
  • We release a new surge of jobs and businesses with new breakthroughs in science, technology, medicine and the environment.
  • We declare a great decline in unemployment, foreclosure of houses, and to the number of those on welfare.
  • We declare this nation will be a model of giving to the world¯s poor.
  • We declare that as a nation we will once again covenant to stand with Israel (including her right to defend Herself), and help her in any way we possibly can according to Genesis 12:3 and Psalm 122:6-9.
  • We declare that our cities and towns will be crime free and we ask protection for our law enforcement agencies.
  • We declare an end to the drug and sex trade in the United States.
  • We ask You Lord Jesus for your divine protection over America from terrorist attacks, environmental disasters and racial division.
  • We declare Your righteousness, Your peace, and Your joy over America.
  • We ask that You will bless America and give You all the honor and the praise and the glory in Jesus' name, Amen!


Here are the five issues we have heard the most about from voters all year long. Do these match your top five? Do you know where your candidates stand on these issues? All you have to do is email or call their offices and most of them WILL tell you or send you their positions. You will find many of their email addresses on their websites. Many of these sites also contain issue positions for candidates.

State-Wide Races In OHIO

* Incumbent

Governor Race

Candidate Party Website
Dennis Spisak Green Visit Website
John Kasich Republican Visit Website
Ken Matesz Libertarian Visit Website
Ted Strickland * Democrat Visit Website


Attorney General

Candidate Party Website
Marc Allan Feldman Libertarian Visit Website
Mike DeWine Republican Visit Website
Richard Cordray * Democrat Visit Website
Robert M. Owens Constitution Visit Website


Auditor of State

Candidate Party Website
David Pepper Democrat Visit Website
David A. Yost Republican Visit Website
L. Michael Howard Libertarian Visit Website


Chief Justice Supreme Court

Candidate Party Website
Eric W. Brown Democrat Visit Website
Maureen O'Connor * Republican Visit Website


Justice Supreme Court 1/1/11

Candidate Party Website
Judith Ann Lanzinger * Republican Visit Website
Mary Jane Trapp Democrat Visit Website


Justice Supreme Court 1/2/11

Candidate Party Website
Paul E. Pfeifer * Republican  


Secretary of State

Candidate Party Website
Charles R. Earl Libertarian Visit Website
Jon Husted Republican Visit Website
Maryellen O'Shaughnessy Democrat Visit Website


Treasurer of State

Candidate Party Website
Josh Mandel Republican Visit Website
Kevin L. Boyce * Democrat Visit Website
Matthew P. Cantrell Libertarian Visit Website


U.S. Senate

Candidate Party Website
Daniel H. LaBotz Socialist Visit Website
Eric W. Deaton Constitution Visit Website
Lee Fisher Democrat Visit Website
Michael E. Pryce Independent Visit Website
Robert M. Portman Republican Visit Website


Congressional Races In Your District

* Incumbent

Candidate Party Website
Marcia Fudge * Democrat Visit Website
Thomas Pekarek Republican  


State Representative Races In Your District

* Incumbent

Candidate Party Website
Kenny Yuko * Democrat Visit Website
Tony Hocevar Republican Visit Website


State Senate Races In Your District

* Incumbent

Candidate Party Website
Nina Turner * Democrat Visit Website


Cuyahoga County Executive
The first Cuyahoga County Executive, who will be the chief executive officer of the County, will be elected at the Nov. 2, 2010, general election and will hold office for a four-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2011. The County Executive cannot, except as authorized by the Council, hold or accept other employment or public office.




Matt Dolan, 45
  • B.A., History, Boston College; J.D. Case Western Reserve University
  • Partner, Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan
  • Vice President, 7th Avenue Properties
  • Adjunct Professor, Kent State University-Geauga Campus
  • Ohio House of Representatives, 98th District
  • Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Geauga County
  • Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Ohio
  • Plain Dealer profile
  • Campaign Web site


Democrat party symbol



Ed FitzGerald, 42
  • Graduate, The Ohio State University; J.D., Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
  • Mayor, City of Lakewood
  • Member, Lakewood City Council
  • Supervising Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, Organized Crime Task Force
  • Staff Member, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. Edward Feighan
  • Plain Dealer profile
  • Campaign Web site   




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