Saturday, October 30, 2010


We had a great time on the streets last night with Dean & Melissa Padgett. They jumped right in and started ministering. It is such a blessing to have people that have a heart for the lost. We pulled into the lot at the corner of Hyde Park & Holloway and it was on! Terrence of course being first was the first one for Eileen and Melissa to minister to. Terrence now has a little kitten that lives with him behind the dumpster.
Eileen ministering to another guy named Solomon. She is very happy being back out on the streets at night. Solomon actually said that he was living 85% for the Lord. Eileen explained to him that if was to die that he would spend eternity in hell. He told her that he knew that. Eileen explained to him that his problem was that he loves sin more than he loves JESUS. Solomon was very polite and respectful with Eileen. She looks forward to ministering to him again.
We were so surprised and happy when Tammy pulled into the lot. We have known Tammy every since we arrived in Durham. Tammy spent alot of time on the streets and was into alot of stuff. She is doing much better but still needs to get saved. We will be getting with her again tonight.
Dean ministered to this man for a long time. As you can tell by his face that he had a feeling of emptiness and a need to get his life on track. As you can see he was out in the cold with no coat.
We found a coat that would fit him and I remembered whose coat it used to be. I knew that there was something in the pocket. I asked him if there was anything in the pockets and he pulled out the McDonald's gift card that had been placed in the pocket. He said "do you mean that I can take this to McDonald's and get me something to eat"? We said "yes" and a smile came over his face.
Dean pray with the brother. I spoke with him again later and he told me that he knows without a doubt that it is time to get his life right. I told him that he just needed to do it. I said that many say that are going to do it but most don't. We will continue to minister to him.
There were only two outside of Urban Ministries last night. It was cold last night and this man slept on the sidewalk. By this time we had already passed out all the blankets that we had on the van. We so much wanted to put more blankets under and on top of him. I had no idea that we had already passed everything out. Brett, the other guy appeared to be going through withdrawls and declined any help.

We will stock up today so that we are more ready tonight. Please keep the blankets coming!!! The heavier the better but we will take whatever you have. It is good to have the heavy ones for them to lay on to absorb the cold of the concrete.

We will be back out on the streets tonight with Rob and Jan Hight. We pray that in time we will be able to have multiple teams out in different areas. How awesome it would be to do this then come together and be able to tell each other how JESUS was moving. It is hard for me to understand why people do not go but we are seeing a hunger develop with those that go out. I say it is addicting to go and work with the lost and less fortunate. We love our job and we love our BOSS!!! KING JESUS!!!!

I have not been able to talk with any of the McDonald's managers yet concerning donations with food and hopefully gift cards that we can give out and also put in coats that we give out. If you would like to help with this you can mail a tax deductible check made out to Bull City Outreach to:

6300 Leesville Rd.
Durham, NC. 27703

or you can go to our website and click on the donate button to use PayPal.

Our 501c3 is just about complete. Nearly $1500.00 dollars later but the good thing is that this will be all done! We will be ready for all of our partners to have their tax receipts soon!!



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