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31 October 2010

Theme: Living as Lights



Today's Message:

The New Creature (3 of 3)

By Guest Columnist:

Segun Orimogunje

(Benin City, Nigeria)


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Hi There,
Welcome to this week's edition and greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thanks to you all for staying in touch, special thanks for emails received over my last weeks Talk/sermon on 'Manage Your Anger' shared with brethren at Highway Church at Stratford, London. I hope  at the appropriate time to share with the larger audience on messages from my speaking engagements.
If you live in Europe remember that Clocks were turned back one hour at 1 a.m GMT (2 a.m BST) on Sunday 31 October 2010 as European Summer Time ends. You need to note this so as not miss out on important appointments. Clocks change back to summer time at the end of March.
This week we enter the penultimate month of this very interesting year 2010.I recall that we started the year by sharing a 2-part post on the subject 'Making Achievable Resolutions'. At times like this when the  year is approaching its end, there is need to do some reflections on how the year has been?
We hope in the coming weeks do more on this line, and also welcome contributions from our Newsletter subscribers and visitors to our website
If your year has been very successful in terms of achieving set goals then you can give thanks and coast all the way through to the end of 2010; if yours has been really bad, do not give up, trust God and remain positive, 2010 is not over until it is over, God can still make a way.
For some, the year has so far been a mixed bag, some good times and some bad times. Know that the Lord did promise a roller coaster ride through life. Apostle Peter, did say that we should think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try us (Read 1Peter 4:12). There will be challenges.
No matter how long the trials and/or failures take, one thing that is clear is that, though weeping may last through the night joy will surely come in the morning. Psalm 30:5b
Your morning/season of joy will surely come, so 'Hang On' to the promises of God in faith.
A man was asked on his views on giving of thanks; he had been an alcoholic for about thirty years, however, when called to speak on the subject of offering thanks, in a reflective situation he had this to say:
"Oh, I believed there was a God I just didn't believe He ever did anything for me so why should He do anything for me now. It took a while for me to realize that with my past history of 30 years drinking and driving the fact I was still alive was proof enough that God had been doing for me all my life".
So dear friends no matter how bad you may feel about life so far this year, remember that like the man quoted above said when he came to his senses, you can at least thank God for keeping you alive.
Remember how He prevented you from getting into trouble on many occasions this year: those instances when while driving you made an unconscious turn and was kept from knocking down a person; that hot oil that could have spilled on your 2 year old while in the kitchen, but the Lord quickened your reflexes to prevent an accident or fatality! Many more acts of mercy for which we should be thankful.
As we enter the Month of November 2010, letĚs keep our hope alive, and please remember to smile!
This week, Segun Orimogunje our guest columnist shares with us the concluding part of his 3 part series titled: 'The New Creature"
May you be blessed through what we share today. 
To view todayĚs message by our guest columnist - Segun Orimogunje please click on the link below:
For current news in the Christian community and minute by minute global news update 24/7 visit our home page.
Peace be unto you.

Your brother in Christ Jesus

Joseph Arhavbarien

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God Bless.

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