October 31, 2010
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Netanyahu: We stand before a rising wave of terror ¯ Hilary Leila Krieger ¯ www.jpost.com
PM addresses plot to harm 2 synagogues in Chicago ahead of his visit next week to US to participate in Jewish Federation's General Assembly.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the terror plot that sought to attack two Chicago synagogues during the weekly cabinet meeting, stating that we stand before a rising wave of terror due to the fact that terror organizations continue to equip themselves with weapons.
Netanyahu said that he will be leaving for the US next Sunday to participate in the Jewish Federations of North America's General Assembly, the biggest annual gathering on Jewish philanthropy, in New Orleans. Netanyahu was also scheduled to meet with US Vice President Joe Biden while in the US.
"Next Sunday, I will leave for the annual Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly. I will meet there with US Vice President Joe Biden and other senior administration figures, and will discuss with them a series of issues, including ¯ of course ¯ the resumption of the diplomatic process in order to reach a peace agreement with security for the future of the State of Israel.
"This General Assembly will be held against the background of reports about the attempt to attack the Jewish community in Chicago, and the truth is that it does not matter if the target was a synagogue in Chicago or a railway station in Madrid, or London, or Mumbai, or Bali. We are facing a growing wave of terrorism by extremist Islam. It is growing in the scope and brazen gall of its attacks, in the weapons with which it is arming itself and in the sweeping objectives of the leaders of global terrorism. Therefore, one of the main issues that I will address at the General Assembly is the steps that the civilized and free world must take in order to stop this wave that threatens us all."
Earlier on Sunday, it was reported that the US, UK, France and Germany have all banned unaccompanied air freight from Yemen at their respective countries' airports following the discovery of two packages filled with explosives- laden bombs.
US President Barack Obama on Friday afternoon described the incident targeting ¯Jewish places of worship¯ as ¯a credible terrorist threat against our country,¯ and raised the prospect that al-Qaida was behind the attempted terrorist attack without directly blaming the organization.

Report: Egypt proposes international summit to sustain Mideast peace process ¯ www.haartez.com
'We must find an alternative to the peace process, especially in light of the Israeli government's extreme rightist views,' Egyptian source tells Al-Hayat.
Egypt has been contacting international and regional authorities in order to examine options regarding an international peace summit, the London based Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat reported on Sunday.
Egyptian sources told the newspaper that Egypt finds it hard to accept the continued settlement freeze and Israel's refusal to cooperate and take positive steps on the settlement issue.
"The impasse in the peace process must end in order to sustain the Palestinians' international rights," said an Egyptian source.
"An international summit would redefine the fundamentals and the borders of a Palestinian state that would be erected on the territories occupied in June of 1967, with Israeli settlements or without."
The Egyptian source also told Al-Hayat that "there is no escaping the need to find a suitable alternative that would keep the peace process alive, especially in light of the Israeli government's extreme rightist views."
"We will not stand with our hands tied while the Israeli government refuses to cooperate with the Palestinians. We have other options we must examine."
Meanwhile, relations between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have become considerably tense following a telephone conversation between the two leaders 10 days ago.
During that conversation, the French leader apparently asked Netanyahu to extend the settlement freeze in the West Bank so that peace talks with the Palestinians could be resumed.
Sources at the Prime Minister's Bureau, however, said that "the conversation was a routine call between friends."
About a month ago, Sarkozy proposed to Netanyahu and Abbas that they both take part in a summit aimed at overcoming the crisis stemming from the construction freeze and facilitating the continuation of direct negotiations between the two sides. Netanyahu and Abbas accepted the French proposal and preparations were underway.
According to the European diplomats, Sarkozy had scheduled the Paris summit for October 21, representing a first step toward restarting the peace talks. The subsequent stage would have taken place at a summit of the Union for the Mediterranean, scheduled for November in Barcelona, which both Netanyahu and Abbas are also expected to attend.
The diplomats said Netanyahu decided not to attend the Paris event once he realized that the U.S. administration viewed it as a positive development.
"Netanyahu realized that he would come under enormous pressure on the issue of the settlements and decided to cancel his participation to avoid that pressure," the diplomats said.

Hizballah, Syria, Iran sow alarm in Lebanon without a shot ¯ www.debka.com
The speech Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanon's Hizballah, delivered Thursday night Oct. 29 was taken in all sections of Lebanese society as a virtual declaration of war on his country, a conflict which they fear will be even fiercer and crueler than the 1975 civil war. It is widely believed, according to debkafile's Middle East sources, that the power-sharing order the diverse communities achieved after that conflict will be swept away and replaced with a pro-Iranian, pro-Syrian puppet regime.
The Shiite Hizballah is already on the move. It latest step took place last Wednesday, Oct. 27, when a crowd of Lebanese Shiite women prevented two investigators of the STL tribunal probing the 2005 murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri from obtaining documentary evidence for their case at a gynecology clinic in South Beirut. The documents were seized and destroyed. The UN officers needed medical treatment.
The next day, Nasrallah thundered his call for "every official and every citizen to boycott the work of the UN investigators¯ Cooperation would be an assault on the Resistance (Nasrallah's name for his Hizballah)," he said. The Hizballah chief went on to invoke "our honor and dignity" as "requiring us to have a different stance."
Far from staging a minor incident, the Shiite women were hurriedly mobilized to keep the UN investigators attached to the STL's Prosecution Office from gaining access to one of the top-secret security and intelligence archives which Hizballah has hidden away in unlikely places like the clinic.
UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack in the strongest terms as unacceptable.
However, Hizballah's threats to the Beirut government and country at large are growing fiercer as the moment approaches for the STL to issue indictments against its officials for complicity in the Hariri assassination.
At the clinic, the UN investigators apparently got too close for comfort to incriminating documents.
Early Thursday, in growing alarm over the methods employed by Hizballah and its patrons, Syria and Iran, to thwart the UN tribunal's work, the UN Security Council held a closed-door situation.
Later, US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, slammed Syria for displaying "flagrant disregard" for Lebanon's sovereignty. She cited its provision of increasingly sophisticated weapons to Hizballah and other militias in violation of a UN resolution and its issuance of 33 arrest warrants for senior Lebanese officials and foreigners.
"Hizballah remains the most significant and most heavily armed Lebanese militia," said Ambassador Rice in the most extreme US criticism of Damascus heard in years. "It could not have done so if not for Syria's aid, and facilitation of Syrian and Iranian arms."
debkafile's Beirut and intelligence sources stress that even the strongest words cannot save Lebanon from its dizzying fall into the clutches of Hizballah, Syria and Iran, thereby derailing a key Obama administration policy for the Middle East.
Washington's partners-in-fiasco would be French President Nicolas Sarkozy who shared in the formation of this policy and the Israeli government headed by Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. They all buried their heads in the sand for two years without lifting a finger Hizballah was massively armed by Iran and Syria and they all developed their power-grab for Beirut.
The tenor of Nasrallah's speech Thursday night demonstrated that the American diplomat's strong words cut no ice and would not deter Hizballah from enforcing its strong-arm laws on the Lebanese government and citizenry. 

Syria ideal trade hub, Assad tells China, Azerbaijan, Iran, India, Russia ¯ www.worldtribune.com
NICOSIA ¯ Syria is out to persuade its allies to use the Arab state as a global trade hub.
Officials said the regime of President Bashar Assad has been lobbying allies in the Middle East and Central Asia to regard Syria as a hub for shipping and other trade. They said Assad has pointed to Syria's geography, located along the eastern Mediterranean, yet close to the Black Sea and Red Sea.
Assad was also said to have been discussing its strategy with China, which has been pursuing an effort to expand to the Gulf and the rest of the Middle East. The president was said to have advocated membership by Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
"We aren't just important in the Middle East," Assad said.
Under the Assad plan, Syria would mark the link between the Arabian Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Mediterranean Sea. They said the plan envisioned major foreign investment in Syria to develop ports and other facilities to enhance transnational trade.
"Once we link these four seas, we become the compulsory intersection of the whole world in investment, transport and more," Assad said.
Officials said the Syrian president has discussed the plan with Azerbaijan, China, Iran, Iraq and Russia. They said countries could save billions of dollars in transportation costs by shipping goods to Syria and then transferring the cargo for overland transport to such neighbors as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and the Gulf.
Syria has also presented its vision to the European Union. Officials said Assad envisioned Syria as the gateway for trade between the Mediterranean states and the Levant and Gulf.
Officials said Syria has sought to expand its infrastructure to encourage foreign trade. They said Assad intended to expand the Egyptian-origin Arab gas pipeline from Syria to Turkey and Europe. A plan to extend the pipeline from Syria to Turkey was expected to be completed in 2011.

U.S. sanctions 37 Iran front companies in Europe ¯ www.worldtribune.com
WASHINGTON ¯ The United States has identified Iranian front companies in Europe that were transporting military equipment to Teheran.
The U.S. Treasury Department has identified and sanctioned 37 companies deemed to be fronts for Iran. Treasury said the companies were based in Germany, Malta and the Republic of Cyprus and acting for Iran's state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.
"We will continue to expose the elaborate structures and tactics Iran uses to shield its shipping line from international scrutiny so that it can continue to facilitate illicit commerce," Treasury Undersecretary Stuart Levey said.
On Oct. 27, Treasury announced sanctions on 37 front companies as well as five Iranians. All of them were accused of aiding Iran in the transport of military equipment and components for weapons of mass destruction.
Officials said Iran has established front companies throughout Europe as well as in Muslim states. They said the fronts were meant to evade sanctions on IRISL imposed by the United Nations and United States. The Iranian shipping line first came under sanctions in 2008.
"Following its September 2008 designation by Treasury under E.O. 13382 for its provision of logistical services to Iran's Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, the arm of the Iranian military that oversees its ballistic missile program, IRISL has increasingly created and relied upon a series of front companies and has engaged in deceptive behavior to assist efforts to evade the impact of sanctions and increased scrutiny of its activities," Treasury said.
Officials said Treasury has so far identified and sanctioned nearly 70 fronts for IRISL. The U.S. agency was also said to have identified more than 100 ships as belonging to IRISL or its fronts.
Thirty of the Iranian fronts were reported to be located in Germany, including 11 companies that share the same address in Hamburg. Mohammed Talai was identified as the manager of the 11 Hamburg-based firms and a representative of IRISL Europe.
Six other fronts were located in Malta. Two of them ¯ Woking Shipping Investments and Kerman Shipping ¯ were identified as IRISL subsidiaries.
Iran has also established at least one front in Cyprus. Treasury deemed Lancelin Shipping an IRISL subsidiary.
"This pattern of obfuscation is leading the private sector around the world to refuse business with Iran rather than risk becoming involved in its nuclear and missile programs," Levey said.

There will be Tribulation...

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Britain closer to cashless society ¯ www.itn.co.uk
 New credit cards with 'contactless' technology are being rolled out to millions of credit card users, a sign that cash could one day become a thing of the past.
The new technology on the cards allow users to simply 'tap' their credit cards over a payment terminal for purchases under ¯15 - without the need for inserting their PIN number - saving time with every purchase.
MBNA, Europe's largest credit card lender, is beginning a program to roll out contactless credit cards for its millions of UK customers.
It will mean more than five million MBNA-issued credit cards will have contactless technology by the end of 2011; adding to around ten million similar credit and debit cards already in the UK market.
Research has shown that two thirds of people believe that in the future we will be able to purchase goods by fingerprint recognition, and a third think we will pay by having our retina scanned.

Brazilians will be forced to use RFID chips and GPS trackers in their cars ¯ www.blacklistednews.com
Brazil¯s government, behind the facade of open democracy, continues to advance its way as one of the most authoritarian police states in the world.
Brazilian population will be forced very soon to have in their cars identification chips (RFID), besides GPS locators and blockers.
According to several news, the Brazilian government hurries to show until November of 2010 the GPS tracker that will be legally required to be in all new cars from February of 2011.
It is unclear how this will work but in this article of the Folha de Sao Paulo says the Denatran (Transit National Department) will oversee the center, and that it will be operated by Serpro (organ of government for data processing). This means that the brazilian government can access the location of any car registered in any country!
The article in the Folha de Sao Paulo also says:
To circumvent the criticisms of those who claim lack of privacy, which has led the discussion to the judicial arena, the Minister Marcio Fortes says there will be two options: the tracker and blocker. This will make the car stop in a given situation, for example if the thief stops at traffic lights, and will be mandatory. In the other hand, the GPS tracker will be contracted or not by the user.
The implications of this? Imagine this in the hands of a corrupt and totalitarian government, which decides to label as terrorists those who disagree with its actions? Brazilian should unite and reject this law, modeled on the American war on terror, using security as pretext for the removal of our freedoms and privacy.
Chip Identification RFID in Cars
I had read some time ago in Portugal that the cars would be required to have RFID chip (radio frequency) identification and was stunned by that. What was my surprise to learn that since 2006 we have a law that creates the Siniav, or National System for Automatic Vehicle Identification, which will require the installation of identification chips in all cars and maintain a network of reading antennas, which will identify every vehicle.
Resolution of No 212 of 13 November 2006, says:
SINIAV consists of electronic boards installed in the vehicle, antennas, readers, data processing centers and computer systems.
And goes on saying that military vehicles are not required to use but all other motor vehicles will have to be equipped with the chip:
¯ 2 The use of military vehicles is exempt from this requirement.
Article 2 No motor vehicle, electrical, trailer and semi-trailer can be licensed on roads open to traffic without being equipped with the electronic board of this resolution.
According to the engineer Dario Thorbe, data is encrypted and confidential, and will be accessible only the traffic department and eventually the police. Ahhhhh, ok then, now I feel so safe!
Again the state using the pretext of security for the people to accept totalitarian measures. Gradually we are seeing around us the government, putting in place tools that will allow a micro-managing the lives of all citizens. Close to what we have at some time in Brazil, 1984 will be pretty easy.

UFO's and the return of a savior known as "Maitreya" - Niko Kyriakou ¯ www.santacruz.patch.com
UFOs, Jesus and a Message of Sharing
A talk on UFOs, an emerging messiah and a coming era of peace attracted some 80 people for Louden Nelson talk.
About 80 people gathered at the Louden Nelson Community Center Saturday to hear Share International give a talk on UFOs and the return of a savior known as "Maitreya," or the "World Teacher." (For those that missed the event, the group will present it again at the UFO expo in San Jose next Saturday and in Foster City on Sunday.)
The event featured speaker Michiko Ishikawa, an unassuming Japanese woman who has worked closely with Share's founder, Benjamin Creme, for more than 30 years. Ishikawa told the audience that increasing numbers of UFO sitings and crop circles, the beginning "Age of Aquarius" and the appearance of a "miracle star" in the sky all herald the return of the messiah expected by many world religions.
Footage of the multi-colored, moving star were shown on Japanese Fuji Television on July 17, 2009, and replayed at the event Saturday. Similar sitings have occurred around the world, says Creme, who writes in Share's magazine that the "stars" are actually alien space ships, each about the size of five football fields.
Actually, Maitreya has already returned. In his 40s, he lives in among the Indian community in London, according to Creme, who claims to have a telepathic link to the world teacher.
What is yet to come is the "Day of Declaration," when Maitreya, who's already appeared on TV 25 times under a pseudo-identity, will reveal his true identity. He will do this by establishing a simultaneous telepathic link with every person on the planet, Ishikawa says.
"You'll hear a voice in your mind and think you've gone crazy," Ishikawa said. "But the more people know about this information, the more prepared they will be, even if they don't really believe."
Sharing lies at the root of the group's message. The members believe that only by redistributing resources will mankind be able to enter a coming age peace. Once we move away from war and nuclear energy, which is causing widespread cancer by disrupting our etheric bodies, Ishikawa says, we will be welcomed into a wider community of "space brothers" who will teach us the secrets of cold fusion and traveling through time and space. Already, these others inhabit every planet in the solar system¯but on an etheric, nonphysical plane, she said.
The Scottish-born Creme has spent the past 35 years writing books and delivering speeches while under what he describes as Maitreya's telepathic guidance. The organization sells a quarterly magazine and Creme's dozen or so books, but otherwise, is entirely driven by volunteer labor and donations, Ishikawa says. The group has "no money," she added, and exists for the sole purpose of getting out the message of Maitreya's return and promoting their "Transmission" meditation technique.
Creme's esoteric philosophy draws upon an interesting range of subculture movements, from UFO and crop circle trackers, to 2012 believers, to astrologists. He espouses the belief that human evolution is guided by so-called, "Masters of Wisdom," high spiritual beings who "overshadowed" all the prophets and even great scientists like Einstein, giving them supernatural inspiration.
The group estimates some 30 million people have heard their message so far.
In response to questions from the audience as to why Maitreya has still not appeared after 35 years of predictions by Creme that he would, Ishikawa encouraged people to keep their prayers alive.
"The master says 1.8 billion people in the world are ready to respond to him, which is a tremendous number. Inwardly, they're ready to respond, so I hope that you will keep your prayers alive. As far as I know, it is not a hoax."
At least some in attendance seemed to agree.
Eliahu Goodman, a Santa Cruzan who first saw Creme speak in the 1980s, said he sees all this as "possible."
"I'm entertaining it, as far as the appearance of a world teacher is concerned," Goodman said. "As far as UFOs are concerned, there have certainly been lots of sightings that have been reported by news media."
Creme made a lasting impression on him, Goodman says, because of "the sense I had of the purity of his heart and the purity of his intention."
Arthur Auerback, a Philadelphia resident who has been in Santa Cruz for about a month and had never attended a Share event before Saturday, says it really doesn't matter whether any of it is true.
"Even if there's no Maitreya, even if there's no crop circles, even if all of its baloney, sharing is a good idea. You know, that's simple enough."

Dangerous lame-duck session ahead ¯ Henry Lamb ¯ www.wnd.com
Regardless of the outcome of the mid-term elections, the nation will suffer ¯ not from the election results, but from the lame-duck session of Congress that follows. The greater the Republican victory in the elections, the greater the damage the Democrats will do during the lame-duck session. And there is much damage to be done.
Obama and the Democrats have already begun to lay blame for the largest tax increase in history should the current tax rates be allowed to expire Jan. 1. They have refused to bring a bill to the floor that will extend the current tax rate because the Republicans, and at least 31 Democrats, have insisted that rate be extended for all taxpayers.
Obama, and the Democratic leadership appear to be ready to let the tax rate increase dramatically for all taxpayers, in order to increase the tax rate for the "rich." Economists across the political spectrum agree that the worst possible response to a depressed economy is to increase taxes.
In a lame-duck session, Republicans cannot advance a bill that the majority doesn't want advanced. The Democrats can, however, advance any bill they wish ¯ unless a few Democrats in the Senate can be convinced to join a filibuster to block final passage of a bill.
If Democrats and a complicit media can lay the blame on Republicans for letting the current tax rate expire, they will do it, hiding behind the press of other important legislation they want to push through the lame-duck session, while they still have the power to do so.
Among the many measures the Democrats want to push through Congress is the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510), which will essentially bring the agriculture industry under the control of the federal government.
From Day 1 of this administration, the goal has been to "transform the United States of America" into a socialist-like system in which formerly free people must get government's permission to exercise their liberty or pursue their happiness.
Another measure that makes Democrats drool is the Clean Water Restoration Act (S. 787). This bill would give to the federal government jurisdiction over every drop of water in, on and under the United States. Moreover, this bill would give to the federal government jurisdiction over any activity by any person that "may affect the waters of the United States." Simply put, this bill would give the federal government the power to stop any person from doing anything, anywhere that water may be. These two bills would effectively control all the people who live outside cities.
Sen. Chris Dodd's Livable Communities Act (S. 1619) would control the people who live in towns and cities. This bill will write into U.S. law the so-called "smart-growth" provisions of Agenda 21, the U.N.'s vision of planned communities popularly called "sustainable development."
Sustainable development gives the government the authority to tell people where they may ¯ or may not ¯ construct a home or business, what materials may be used in the structure, and what plants and vegetation may be planted. By drawing lines on a map, government may strip private property of all value by simply declaring it to be a "conservation zone" where no development is allowed. Conversely, the same government can designate an Urban Boundary Zone, inside of which property values skyrocket ¯ because that's the only area where development can occur.
The integrity of the people who draw the lines on the map is always above the temptation to accept gratuities for making sure that the lines on the map include the property of the people offering the gratuity. Ha!
This Obama-Pelosi-Reid administration is convinced that they know best how everyone should live, and they are hell-bent on giving government the power to dictate how everyone should live. The lame-duck session could be their last chance to force their brand of progressive-socialist-Marxist government on the nation.
Of course, a Republican sweep could undo the damage done by this administration to date, beginning with Obamacare. A Republican sweep could reinstate the current tax rate if it is allowed to expire, repeal Obama's health care monstrosity, reverse whatever mischief the Democrats are able to do in their last days in Washington and, under the watchful eye of the tea parties, begin to return the nation to the Constitution and the principles of freedom our founders wrote into it.
Each vote cast in this midterm election will be either a vote for freedom and free markets, or a vote for more government control over the lives of every American.
Vote your conviction ¯ but vote.

Judgment Day ¯ Dave Welch ¯ www.wnd.com
Judgment Day is here ¯ again. It is not the apocalyptic event bringing about that terrifying day when we stand before the Judge of the Universe in finality ¯ thankfully ¯ however, it is a day when we will indeed be judged for our actions.
We call it Election Day.
It is the day when the hearts, minds, values, priorities and principles of the American people are tested against The Standard. The plum line is held up and "We the People" are measured. It seems evident that our "F" achieved in 2008, if applying any biblical or constitutional litmus test, will be significantly improved.
We will repair some breaches in the wall, but will we rebuild the foundation? What is the foundation?
If we give any credence to the architects of the structure, it is clear that they believed both design and Designer of our constitutional republic were "self-evident." They believed that the bedrock upon which rested its posterity is found in ¯ and only in ¯ the pages of Holy Scripture.
One of the blocks in the foundation was and is the principle given in Jeremiah 17:9, 10:
The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it? I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.
Our Founding Fathers understood that power could not be absolutely trusted to any one man and therefore any one branch of government because of our sin nature. They were all too aware of the despotism that results when governing power is centralized. The separation of powers we find in our Constitution was based on this principle and developed on three attributes of God found in Isaiah 33:22:
For the LORD is our judge, The LORD is our lawgiver, The LORD is our king; 
He will save us ¯
Three distinct functions ¯ One Perfect Ruler. After authority to govern was delegated to man, however, the self-seeking and sinful nature within all mankind required those powers be separated. The second most oft quoted resource during the founding era, behind only the Bible, was Baron Montesquieu. He wrote in 1748 in "The Spirit of the Laws":
Nor is there liberty if power of judging is not separated from legislative power and from executive power. If it (the power of judging) were joined to legislative power, the power over life and liberty of the citizens would be arbitrary, for the judge would be the legislator. If it were joined to executive power, the judge could have the force of an oppressor. ¯
The Bible provided guiding principles to our U.S. Constitution, which defines and restrains governing authority ¯ theoretically.
Here is the rub for us. Because the power of maintaining the purpose and separation of the sword of governing authority rests in the hands of the governed, it will ultimately be either preserved or corrupted by the individual and collective condition of our heart, mind and soul.
That condition is dependent historically on if and how effectively the absolute truth of God's Word is preached from our pulpits, lived in our homes and practiced in every sphere of our lives. The full circle brings us back to the vote as a test of who we are personally and who we choose by majority vote as a test of us corporately.
As James Robison, one of the most powerful evangelists of our time, asserted to a gathering of evangelical leaders in 1980, "How can you expect the godly to get elected if godly people don't support and vote for them? How can men who stand on principle govern if the people who stand on principle don't even vote? We're the guilty ones."
Even though only a college student casting my first vote in that election for Ronald Reagan, I remember vividly the groundswell, the passion and the sea change we now call the Reagan Revolution ¯ heavily influenced by conservative evangelicals. What happened to it?
Most Christians went back to sleep ¯ and simultaneously the church became an entertainment center. Our pulpits must return to our first call of proclaiming the Word, the whole Word and nothing but the Word ¯ if we do, the awakening will be real and measurable.
Just remember that this mess did not begin yesterday and, like stage-four cancer, is so intertwined as a massive tumor throughout our land in our major institutions that we will not reverse this through one or two elections.
More importantly, we will not reverse it at all unless and until people who love God, love our country and are willing to sacrifice our lives, fortunes and sacred honor get back in the battle and stay in until we hand off the baton. Let it be said of our nation as we finish our leg of the relay race:
The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high; 
He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness.
And He will be the stability of your times, 
A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; 
The fear of the LORD is his treasure.
It starts with you and me being right with God and then committing to walking in the voting booth to vote HIS principles of righteousness and justice (not "your values") for every local, state and federal election the rest of our lives.

Who's immortal? All of us ¯ Greg Laurie ¯ www.wnd.com and www.harvest.org
Have you ever had one of those seemingly perfect moments in life when everything just came together? You thought to yourself, I always want it to be this way. But of course it isn't.
Or maybe you have certain goals in your life and think that once you reach them, you will certainly be completely fulfilled. Maybe you have even reached some of those goals. Maybe you have reached many of them ¯ or perhaps all of them ¯ but still there is something missing.
Then again, maybe you have thought, When I meet the right person, that is going to solve everything. But now that you have met the person ¯ and maybe have gotten married ¯ something is still missing. Why is that? Because from the moment you were born, you have been on a quest. You have been searching for something more.
You were uniquely created in the image of God, and there is a sense inside that life should have some kind of meaning and purpose beyond mere existence. Maybe you have wondered if you are the only person who feels that way. You aren't. Because deep down inside, we all are searching.
No matter how successful or beautiful or wealthy, everyone is searching. Madonna made this statement a while back: "I think a few years ago I wasn't sure what I was on this earth for. I think I was mostly concerned with getting things for myself. More clothes, more money, more popularity and more boyfriends. I wasn't really thinking; I was just doing. Then I woke up and said, 'What am I on this earth for?' "
Sooner or later we begin to ask the big questions: What is the meaning of life? Why am I here on this earth? Why do I exist? What should my purpose in life be? We all have in us a desire to achieve something, to make something of our lives. We all want our lives to count for something bigger and better than ourselves.
That desire for significance is not a bad thing. Here is what the Bible says on the subject: "God 'will give to each person according to what he has done.' To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger" (Romans 2:6¯8 NIV).
It is interesting that in these verses the apostle Paul is speaking approvingly of those who seek glory, honor and immortality. God wired us that way. There is deep within our souls a yearning to rise above the commonplace, the ordinary. We want immortality.
Some people find that immortality, so to speak, through fame. Then there are some who are famous just for being famous. Others find a type of immortality through being infamous. Others try to find immortality through prolonging their lives.
Immortality is not something we achieve, however. This may come as a surprise, but it is something we already have. Every one of us will live forever. The issue is where we will live forever. The Bible has a lot to say about this topic. According to the Scripture, we will never die ¯ in a spiritual sense. Our bodies will die, but our souls ¯ the real you, the real me ¯ will live on forever. And this is what we want to think about. What happens beyond the grave?
If you are a Christian, a person who has put his or her faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, the Bible promises that when you die, you will go to heaven. The moment you take your last breath on earth, you will take your first breath in heaven. That is God's promise. When Christians lose a loved one who is also a Christian, they feel sorrow like anyone else would. But they have the assurance they will see that loved one again. The apostle Paul said, "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Philippians 1:21 NIV).
But what about the unbeliever? What about the one who says no to Jesus Christ? What happens when they die? They, too, are immortal. They, too, live forever. But where? We find the answer in Revelation 20:13¯15: "The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what he had done. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire."
Everyone will have to face death. And it won't matter whether you are a millionaire or a billionaire or a rock star or a well-known politician or a president or a king or a queen or a movie star. Those things won't matter on the other side. Death is the great equalizer, and we all will stand before God. Anyone who has been exposed to the truth of God's laws will be held responsible. And knowledge brings responsibility.
God owes us no explanations. And the main issue will come down to this: What did you do with Jesus Christ? Because the Bible says of Jesus, "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:12 NIV). Only Jesus was fully God and fully man. C. S. Lewis said, "The Son of God became a man that men might become sons of God."
And that is why His death was necessary. Every one of us has sinned, but Jesus died in our place. He paid a debt he did not owe, because we owed a debt we could not pay. God did not create hell for people; it was created for the devil and his angels. In fact, God took radical measures to keep us out of hell. But because he is just and holy, the sin issue had to be settled. God wants you in heaven. But if you end up separated from him for eternity, you will have no one to blame on that final day but yourself ¯ because you will not have been sent there by God as much as you will have sent yourself there by ignoring his offer of salvation.


A morally and spiritually bankrupt society ¯A worldwide economic meltdown¯A planet racked with increasingly intense manmade and natural disasters¯Are we the Final Generation?
Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. But know this that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. Matthew 24:42-44
Reviews: The DVD should be seen by small groups and youth ministries far and wide. The clear quoting and referencing of bible verses is especially strong. The collage of dramatic imagery - both in photography and artwork, grabs the viewers' attention and weaves the conclusion that God is about to continue His plan in a major way. The video is so fresh - the oil explosion and spill in the Gulf of Mexico is shown as one example of how this old world is wearing out and is in flames
The video next defends the authorship and reliability of the bible before showing eight unmistakable developments in our world that point toward the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The number one sign given to our generation is the return of the Jewish people to form the nation of Israel. Jesus Christ is now standing at the door waiting to take his beloved bride- His true believers. Like the admonition from the Book of Jude, verse 23, I pray that this DVD will be used by the Holy Spirit to pluck dying people out of the fire before the borrowed time runs out. - John Wicklund - Chair- Olive Tree Ministries Board of Directors - Maple Grove, MN
Great Job! We have watched all your DVD¯s and we think this is the best one so far. After someone watches this DVD there is no way they could argue that we are not living in the last days! ¯ Don & Cindy K. ¯ Bakersfield, CA
The DVD came and it was great. GOOD JOB ! ! ¯ Julie A. ¯ Whitefish, MT
God bless you, the new DVD is amazing! I know that if there is anyone out there who doesn't know what the bible holds or has no clue about what is really going on after seeing this DVD they will surely be enlightened about what is truly going on in the world today. - The Taylor's - Bakersfield, CA
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Good Morning Lord ¯ Psalm 19 - This Week¯s Feature Article by Jack Kelley ¯ www.gracethrufaith.com
Psalm 19 is one of the best daily prayers I¯ve ever found. Commit it to memory and use it in your prayers each morning. Just like your daily bath or shower makes you physically clean, Psalm 19 makes you spiritually clean. It¯s a great way to fulfill 1 John 1:9, ¯If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.¯
Let¯s go through Psalm 19 and I¯ll show you why it¯s such a good one to know by heart.
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. (Psalm 19:1-4)
These verses refer to the Hebrew Mazzaroth, later corrupted into Babylonian Astrology. Hebrew tradition holds that Adam, Seth, and Enoch picked 12 constellations of stars, each with a major star and 3 minor ones (called decans) and named them in such a way as to tell the gospel story. Being a nomadic people who slept in the open with their flocks, generations of fathers could point out these constellations to their sons at night and use them to teach the redemption story. This was to give hope to the sons, who had heard stories of the fall of Man and his expulsion from the Garden. It taught them that one day God would send His Son to redeem them. Their faith in God¯s promise, written in the stars, is what saved them from their sins.
Evidence shows that the Sphinx in Egypt is a monument to the Mazzaroth with the head of a woman (Virgo) and the body of a lion (Leo) combining the 1st and 12th signs and completing the circle of redemption. Some experts contend that the particular kind of erosion the sphinx has experienced could only have occurred if it had spent a period of time under water. If so, it¯s a pre-flood memorial to the Gospel in the Stars.
In ancient Babylon, the 12 constellations were given different names, most of which bore no resemblance to the original Hebrew, and the 12 signs of the Zodiac were born taking God completely out of the picture. The Babylonian names survive to this day and are the basis for the false religion we call astrology. This was one of the enemy¯s early attempts to deprive mankind of the Gospel story. There is speculation among archeologists and astrologers alike that the Tower of Babel may have been dedicated to the study of astrology. Signs of the Zodiac have been found in the ruins of similar ancient towers. In Israel the study of Astrology was a sin punishable by death (Deut. 18:9-12 KJV).
In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun, which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion, like a champion rejoicing to run his course.
It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is hidden from its heat. (Psalm 19:5-6)
The rising and setting of the Sun each day also give evidence of God¯s creative powers in providing the light and warmth necessary to sustain our lives day in and day out. How could this happen by chance?
The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. The ordinances of the Lord are sure and altogether righteous.
They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.
By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward (Psalm 19:7-11)
God¯s Laws, while impossible to keep in their entirety, are the standard for behavior that He requires. Not arbitrary or oppressive, they are perfect as He is perfect, and making them part of your life is the sure path to prosperity and success (Joshua 1:8). Even people who don¯t believe in the Creator who ordained them are blessed by incorporating His laws into their lifestyle.
Who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults.
Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then will I be blameless, innocent of great transgression. (Psalm 19:12-13)
But even the best of us falls pitifully short of achieving the standards God¯s law sets forth. Our behavior is so contaminated by our sin nature we don¯t even realize the extent to which we violate them. So David¯s prayer was not just for God¯s help in preventing him from consciously sinning, but also for forgiveness for the sins he wasn¯t even aware of committing.
In Old Testament times, the evening and morning burnt offerings temporarily set aside the unintentional sins of the nation. From the time of the Exodus to the coming of the Messiah these offerings were part of their daily lives. The evening offering was kept burning all night to atone for the sins they committed during the night and the morning offering covered them all through the day. Two lambs gave their life every day to show the people the extent to which sin had permeated their lives, literally causing them to violate God¯s laws day and night.
As the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29) Jesus replaced these twice daily burnt offerings with His once-for-all-time sacrifice (Hebrews 10:11-12). And it covered conscious as well as unconscious sin. Since He has already paid the penalty due us, we need only confess to be forgiven. Some dispute this, arguing that our original confession should be sufficient for life. However John the Apostle reminded us that if we think we¯re without sin we¯re liars, fooling ourselves. But if we confess our sins, as David did, including even those that are so much a part of our behavior that we¯re not even aware of them, God Who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:8-10) Our original confession saved us forever, but maintaining an intimate relationship with God in the here and now requires confession whenever we sin.
May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. (Psalm 19:14)
God, Who judges the motives of our heart knows the difference between the sincere confession of a humble and contrite sinner and the mindless mouthing of words we¯ve learned to say without feeling. David closed his prayer with the hope that God would count him sincere as he offered his confession, and judge his motives favorably. Good advice for us too.
Today, when there¯s so much emphasis on self, it¯s easy to forget that we¯re created beings who¯ve been given incredible talent and ability to use as we see fit, and a guide to living that will assure success beyond our wildest imagination. Beginning each day by declaring the glory of our Creator, acknowledging and confessing our sins, and protecting our relationship with the One who is the author of all our victories is a great antidote for the self centeredness that can so easily overtake us.
In the days ahead our way of life will be challenged in ways we would never have imagined just a few years ago. It¯s more important now than ever before that we stay close to our Lord and Savior, to avail ourselves of His blessing and His protection. Knowing and praying Psalm 19 will help us do that.


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