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Write the Vision and Make It Plain
The following will give an account of the vision that God gave me several years ago regarding the times that we¯re coming into.  God did not just simply give me a vision or a word to be spoken.  Instead,  He led me in activating the ministry that would be needed for the times ahead.  Soon after I began seeing new ministry being activated, I was led to establish Global Network of Disciples to give place for these ministries to be demonstrated more fully.  Ministry will always function according to the order it was cultivated in.  As it does, it serves to equip those who are led by the Holy Spirit in relationship to the House.  
The ministry originated through the father to son order that Jesus demonstrated to us in His earthly ministry and continues to reproduce through this order on a much wider scale.   Apostles and Prophets primarily practice spiritual parenting to nurture apostolic and prophetic ministry through sons and daughters.  This relationship also serves all of the Five Fold ministries in their function.    
When apostolic ministry, or regeneration, begins to surface out of this relationship, the newly formed ministry can be fed into other expressions of ministry and relationship.  The Kingdom will leaven everything it touches until we begin to clearly see new demonstrations of ministry led by the Holy Spirit. 
From a progressed order of ministry, the father to son paradigm serves to represent Five Fold ministry, Elders, and Church leadership through one branch of the network.  (www.globalnetworkofdisciples.org)  The sonship aspect of the network demonstrates Discipleship and Marketplace ministry through an order of Kings and Priests.  (www.globalnetworkofdisciples.com)  
When both ministries are fully functioning to reveal the relationship one has with the other, the balance is present to empower us to apprehend our Kairos, appointed times in relationship with the greater body of the corporate church, as well as our cities and nations.  This ministry is needed in the days ahead so that we may divide the Chronos times over our nations.  Although Chronos times speak of natural time, they also speak of the waters that accumulate through iniquitous structures over our communities, cities, and nations. 
Kairos, appointed times reveal God¯s provision, especially in challenging times.  Kairos times can only be fully apprehended where a balance of ministry is present relationally from father to son, heaven to earth.  Apostolic and prophetic ministry especially needs this order to be present so that we may receive of and give wise counsel in relationship to our cities and governments. 
Global Network of Disciples is established through a team of Elders and Five Fold ministry leaders.  We have recently opened our ministry through social networking sites to accept memberships of those who would be interested in co-laboring with us.  We cordially invite Church leaders who represent Five Fold ministries, as well as Elders and Deacons to come and co-labor with us at www.globalnetworkofdisciples.org, or www.globalnetworkofdisciples.ning.com.  
Although our leaders site is closed to public view, our newly formed public format can be viewed at www.globalnetworkofdisciples.com.   This part of the ministry functions for the purpose of discipleship and marketplace ministry through a King and Priest order, or a Melchizedek Priesthood.  This forum is open to all.  
Habakkuk 2
God Answers the Prophet
    1I will stand on my guard post
         And station myself on the rampart;
         And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me,
         And how I may reply when I am reproved. 
    2Then the LORD answered me and said,
         Record the vision
         And inscribe it on tablets,
         That the one who reads it may run. 
    3"For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
         It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail 
         Though it tarries, wait for it;
         For it will certainly come, it will not delay.  
I will be posting any website updates as we progress towards the goal that God is leading us towards. 
Kind regards,
Cindy Allen, Founder
Global Network of Disciples
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