Hello Gang, I'm pastor David Burns with the E-Meds and it's good to be with you today.

Blessing Others Through Confessing The Word?

As usual yesterday was a powerful day at our church, Victory Christian Center. I preached a powerful
message on how what we confess with our mouth determines our victory or defeat. So many people,
even those claiming to be Christians, daily make negative confessions. They complain and speak words
of discouragement and their lives follow their confessions into defeat.

At the end of my sermon the elders stepped forward and pronounced blessings upon those who came forward.
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Sheri and I have 6 children, three young men and three young women. Tonight, I have the pleasure of taking my 3
daughters out for a meal at a nice restaurant. I've reserved a table for 4 next to their fireplace. My three daughters
are grown, age 29, 28 and 19. After we enjoy our meal together I've chosen to give each of my daughters a gift.
It's not a Christmas gift, it's just a little something from dad to my lovely daughters.

But what I am really looking forward to is blessing my daughters individually. I'm a man of God and the LORD has
blessed me with children and the greatest blessing I can give to my children is a pronounced blessing over their lives.
I am going to speak and pronounce God's truth and future over their lives.

Children are such a blessing to their parents. My parents pronounced their blessings over my life. They are with Jesus
now, but I am still reaping the benefits from their pronounced blessings. I am still benefiting from the prayers they prayed.

Spiritually speaking, my blessing over my children will largely influence their future because it will build their faith in God
and their faith in themselves. It is our faith that makes us well. The greatest force in determining someone's future is their parents.

Perhaps you'll have this same opportunity around the holidays. This is an urgent call for all moms or dads to spend time in
prayer, then call your children to your side and pronounce a blessing over their lives.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for blessing Sheri and me with 6 children. What a privilege to have significant influence over
these precious souls. I pray that You will honor our time together tonight, and I pray for parents throughout the world to do the
same. In Jesus' Mighty Name, AMEN!

Re-arranging my life for Christ,

David L. Burns

Pastor, Victory Christian Center



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