This is a thank you to so many that have served the Ca Listening Team and LIFT California TEAM throughout 2010.
2010 was different, It was a year of victories in the midst of challenge. . unexpected battles, as they rose in our midst without warning,   Storms in the midst of a storm. Holding on to the end of a shoe string when all you had was God. And He pulled you through.
2011 is at the door and this is an uncommon door, No not in any way, shape or form.
Yes, it is one of blessing to those laboring in the kingdom. It is one of increase in the things of God. 
2011 will be a year of fulfillment of personal destiny and corporate promise.
I want to thank the many of you that continue to send your 11 invite testimonies. AWESOME
Here is the link to Rick Joyner's Sunday Service 2 weeks back.
Rick Wright and I were blown away how many websites have gone up concerning 11/11/11 and the Rose Bowl, when we don't have one yet. But they arose out of attendees of meetings where it was apparent the Holy Spirit was doing and saying something, and many prophets have become global messengers in the high ways and byways around the world to come to an 11 feast. 
Since the 11 testimonies continue to come, I sense, we are getting a greater picture as to what the Holy Spirit is saying to many in the church. Yesterday, some of us meet with a repesentative of a group coming from Israel. I know some of you think this is allot of hype, but I have never seen anyting like this. And like me, you will eventually get it because sometimes, we need to hear from many before you see it.
Reading comments and other observations..
2011 is the year that God individual promises  as they are supernaturally fulfilled/
To the Apostle it will be the year of the Apostle.
To the Prophet, it will be the year of the Prophet.
To the prayer warrior, the year of answered prayer.
To the pastor, A tabernacle filled to overflowing with the resident presence of God.
To the 11th hour kingdom laborer, the sower and reaper rejoicing together bringing in the harvest . all doers of miracles and receiving the same wages as those that have labored for so many years.
Outpouring will rise in our streets, and salvation to the darkest corners of the earth.
Treasures in the midst of darkness, will become some of the greatest anointed preachers to the salvation of God and the Blood of Jesus.
The desperate hungry for God, will be filled.
To Teachers, and those that want to know Him, Your theology will change in 2011 an become closer to His theology.
Still, It will also be a year of storms, and cold. fires, earthquakes and distress, terrorist plots, wars and roomers of wars.
But, What I sense is that many will find that they do not need money to reign
They only need to be possessors of the blessing.
Personally, I sense many of you need to apply now for past ports, because you will be called in a moment  to go to the place of the fulfillment of your promise somewhere.
So it maybe better to avoid the pass port rush, or just, let the Holy Spirit translate you there.
Other Testimonies from Elijah List. Carol Kelly, Larry Randolf
Carol Kelley
For over two years now, the Lord has been speaking to me about transition. One of the ways He's done this has been through the number "11." I've lost track of the dozens, even hundreds of times I've seen "elevens" on clocks and thermometers, in dreams and visions, while reading the Bible, on the Internet and TV news, and even in the daily newspaper! God has used the number 11 to communicate to me that His promises are in the process of being fulfilled; in other words, "almost to completion" or "in transition."
Early in November (another "11" the eleventh month), I sought the Lord about what He might want to say to and through me about the coming year, 2011. I heard, "2011 will be a season of transition, not just for individuals, but also transition in ministries and in churches. I will move My people to the next level. This will involve a relinquishment of expectations you have set for yourself. Be open to receive My expectations and directions for you!"
Increase of Prophetic Activity, Passing of Mantles of Authority, and Linking of Generations
God also indicated to me that in this coming transitional season, prophetic words and activity will increase and take on more importance in the life of His Church. Along with this, I feel urged to include a reminder that any Believer can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, not just those with the gift of prophecy or office of prophet. The Lord can and does speak to all His people; we just don't always know how to recognize it, perhaps dismissing His leading as mere coincidence.
Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice" (John 10:27). He is gracious and will confirm what He has spoken to us through His Word, other Believers, circumstances, and a myriad of other ways. We are encouraged in Scripture to not quench the Holy Spirit or despise prophetic words, but to test them, and hold on to what is good and "on target" (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22).
In this next season, many will be passing mantles of authority and leadership on to others. If the Lord calls you to do this, do not assume He's done with you yet! We will see an increasing linking of the generations to bring about a multiplication of God's Kingdom and His work on the earth. He wants to work through individuals of all ages, as recounted in the Bible.
Samuel was a child prophet. Jesus astounded teachers in the Temple with God-given wisdom and insight at the age of twelve. Joseph, David, Esther, Daniel, and Mary were all youth when the Lord called them; they continued to follow Him through their mid-life years and beyond. Moses stepped into leadership and ministry at the age of eighty, and served the Lord with vigor for forty more years.
"Obey Me, Then Rest in Me for the Results"
The Lord has also been showing me that times of rest are critically important during transitional seasons when we are anticipating the fulfillment of His promises to us. On July 13, 2010, He gave me a vision having to do with fruitfulness and harvest, and instructed me that spiritual harvest would be greater when He is allowed to prepare the soil where we will labor.
He said, "Ask, and I will show you strategies. I am preparing soil in order to produce great fruitfulness; your times of resting in Me are part of the preparation. Yes, I will bring a full harvest! You will eat the fruits of your labor and rejoice in Me. Look to Me, believe Me, trust Me, and guiltlessly give yourself 'space' to rest when it is needed! Trust Me that much will be gained, not lost, as you rest in obedience to Me.
"I will bring the full harvest I promised you. Your job is to obey Me, then rest in Me for the results. You can plant seed, but you can't make it grow. You can't provide nutrients for the soil, sunlight to cause growth, or rain to water the crops. I am preparing and nourishing the soil to bring the fullest harvest possible. Trust Me during this time of rest and transition!"
How To Persevere During Seasons of Transition
Several weeks ago I was studying in the book of Ecclesiastes, and the Lord gave me additional instructions about how to persevere during seasons of transition: "Do your work as to Me (Ecclesiastes 1:3). What I have done will stand forever (Ecclesiastes 3:14); I have a time for every matter and deed (Ecclesiastes 3:17). Rest in Me, and cease striving (Ecclesiastes 4:6). Receive My instruction (Ecclesiastes 4:13).
"Enjoy the tasks I have assigned you to, and the work I have given you to do. Know that your work and your call are not in vain, and that I will reward you (Isaiah 49:4). Receive My joy (Ecclesiastes 5:18-20).
"Learn My wisdom; do not dwell on the former things (Isaiah 43:18). I have new things for you now (Isaiah 42:9; 48:6). I will show you how to proceed at the proper time (Ecclesiastes 8:5).
"I hold you, along with your past, present and future, in My hand (Ecclesiastes 9:1). Dwell in My joy, and be confident in My acceptance and approval of you (Ecclesiastes 9:7). Be mighty in word and deed (Ecclesiastes 9:10). You do not know everything your future holds; only I do (Ecclesiastes 10:14). Sow seeds of faith and righteousness in the fields I direct you to, and trust Me for the results (Ecclesiastes 11:6). You shall reap in due time (Galatians 6:9), for your labor is not in vain in Me. My words shall not return to Me empty, but will accomplish My purpose" (Isaiah 55:11).
Lord God, we come before You during this season of transition and new beginnings. We submit our plans and expectations to You, asking for Your guidance, Your direction, and for Your Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10). Help us to be faithful in the work You have given us to do.
Enlarge our vision; show us where our thinking has been too limited (2 Kings 6:1). We look to You to inspire us, to lead us, to teach us. We desire the heart of Mary, who took time to sit at Your feet, but we live amidst Martha-like distractions (Luke 10:38-42). Bring our scattered thoughts back to You, for You are the center of our lives and the core of our being. You are both our destiny and our destination.
Thank You for accompanying us on our journey, for You promised to never leave or forsake us (Joshua 1:5; Deuteronomy 31:6, 8; Hebrews 13:5). We seek You, asking for Your balance in every area of our lives. Where we have gone off-track, redirect and reroute us. Take us in a new direction; confirm the steps of obedience we have already taken. Open up new paths of opportunity, and unlock new doors of influence. For You told us to ask, and it will be given to us; to seek, and we will find; to knock, and the door will open to us (Matthew 7:7-8).
Be lifted up and glorified in and through our lives. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen, so be it, Lord!
I pray you will receive His richest blessings, both now and in the seasons to come!
Carol Kelley
About Carol Kelley: Carol and her husband Dave Kelley are both active in prophetic ministry, teaching prophecy classes and mentoring younger prophets. They received a call from the Lord in 1985 to minister prophetically, and have a vision for active schools of prophets to emerge within the Body of Christ. Their passion is to help others hear and recognize God's voice. Carol, a musician, published composer, teacher and sixth-generation Oregonian, has a heart to intercede prophetically for Oregon and the Northwest, as well as cities and nations. Dave is Assistant Vice President of Finance at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, moving in an apostolic anointing to help God's people become empowered as conduits of financial blessing. Dave and Carol are the parents of two sons and two daughters, as well as a daughter-in-law and two sons-in-law
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