The River Church 

The River Church

Sundays: 10:00 a.m.

Located at:

The Siekman Center for Jr. Achievement

(2nd floor)
300 N. Appleton St.
Appleton, Wisconsin

(corner of W. Franklin and N. Appleton Streets)

Contact Info: 

The River Church
P.O. Box 1271
Appleton, WI  54912

(920) 213-2062







Come! -- Experience the
Healing Power of God

Do you need physical healing?  Do you need personal prayer ministry for your body?

Sunday, March 20
10:00 a.m.

Testimonies of Previous Healings:

"I felt the Presence of God surrounding me from the moment I walked into the worship center. When I was prayed for, I felt that Presence all over me even greater. I was healed of severe back pain and I noticed that my asthma condition was also lifting. The back pain has not come back, and I have not had to use my inhaler since I received prayer."
       -- Don


"I had been having a great deal of pain in my shoulders and neck for about 4 weeks.. I had difficulty raising my left arm over my head, and it was disrupting my sleep and normal day-to-day activities. I went forward for prayer, and I began to feel the healing anointing touch my shoulders immediately. By the time the prayer team got to where I was standing, I was 90% healed before they even laid hands on me. Later on, I was prayed for again and felt a release that it was finished. By the time I left the service I was completely healed. I have no pain and I have complete function of movement. Praise God for the healing virtue and faith for healing that is present in the house!" -- Theresa

Come!  -- And expect to leave whole!

The River Church meets at:

The Siekman Center for Jr. Achievement
2nd Floor
300 N. Appleton St.
Appleton, Wisconsin


Come! Bring friends and anyone who needs healing --
and please forward this message to anyone who has a need.





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