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The Prodigal Revisited

 --by Marcia Hoehne 

If you're like me, you have Scriptures you keep coming back to -- maybe because they're favorites, or they're especially puzzling, or you keep seeing new things in them. I've often felt sorry for the prodigal son's brother, who toed the mark all his life and never received any special notice, while the prodigal left home, blew half his father's estate, and came home to the mother of all parties, given in HIS honor. We realize that the prodigal is a picture of us as sinners: we go out and mess our lives up royally, even willfully at times, and God our Father welcomes us back, as His children, with great rejoicing.
But the Holy Spirit has a wonderful way of making new words and phrases jump out in even familiar passages, and the part of the story I want to stress today is written in Luke 15:31 -- "My son," the father said, "you are always with me, and everything I have is yours."
The prodigal is a picture of the saved sinner. His brother, though, is more than just another kid in the family. His brother is a picture of the Kingdom-dweller. Some members of God's family are content just to be saved; in fact, too many do not know there is more to life with God than simply reaching heaven when they die. They may even backslide or grow lukewarm at times, returning to Christ after one or more periods of trying life on their own. And heaven will rejoice each time. But there are also Kingdom-dwellers, those who live with God presently and continually, and everything God has is theirs!
If this parable is showing us that God has two kinds of children, the saved and the Kingdom-dwellers, then I know what my choice is. I choose to be a Kingdom-dweller -- always with the Lord, and realizing that everything He has is mine. 

An Encouraging Word is an outreach of The River Church, designed to uplift the Body of Christ. Copyright 2011.  All rights reserved. 




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