Thank You For Your Gifts and Prayers

In our last monthly newsletter we shared with you about the newest teen joining our family.  Nick is currently in the process of transitioning into our home.  Thank you so much for your prayers and for the gifts that were sent to help with setting up his new room.  We were able to purchase a new bed, dresser and will be taking him to pick out special things for his room for his birthday on May 11th.  He will be 17 and this is his first home and first family.  

Please continue to pray for both Nick and our family during this transition as he has never been a part of a family and has lived in a residential care facility since he was six years old.  We are praying for wisdom, love and revelation as we walk with him.  We are also praying that all the wounds in his heart can be healed as he experiences the love of God.  Please pray that his heart would be prepared and open to receive Jesus as his Savior in the days to come.

We apologize for not sending personal thank you notes to each of you who sent notes or gifts to help with Nick.  Right after our last mailing Kathi's mom was hospitalized and she had to fly to Ringgold, Georgia to be with her parents.  Her mom went home to be with the Lord on Good Friday.  Her parents would have been married 51 years on Easter.

The day after the funeral services the tornadoes that hit the Southern United States destroyed the city that her parents live in.  Kathi and our oldest son, Corey, were alone at her parents house in Ringgold when the tornado hit.  Though they were terrified, the tornado missed her parents house by a mile.  We are so grateful that no one in her family was injured or had any further personal loss.  Continue to pray for Ringgold, Georgia and all the cities and families that experienced such great loss.

Kathi returned home to California this past Monday.  She is very tired and is walking through the grief of losing her mom.  She has many meetings to reschedule and appointments to keep so we need prayer for grace to catch up on many things. 

Thank you again for your support and love~

Jeff, Kathi, Desiree`, Corey, Luke, Amy, Jonathan, Miriam and Nick

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