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He Must Build It

 --by Lee Ann Rubsam 

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they who build it labor in vain...." -- Psalm 127:1
Recently, God spoke to me through this familiar verse about the place I am in. It's a place many of you are in, too. We've been faithful to the Lord and to the people around us. We've done the best we could, we've taken the high road when no one else knew, and we've weathered many storms. And still we wait to see the desired results.
At first glance, it may look as though the verse is speaking negatively: "Well, you've sweated your way through, but if God doesn't lift a finger to help, it's all for nothing." But what the Lord was whispering to me went something like this:
"You know what I've spoken to you. And you've always known it couldn't be accomplished unless I did it for you anyway. The success of it has never rested on your ability. When the Lord is the architect and project manager of your dreams, He will see to it that they happen. You can rest in the security of knowing I will build it for you."
The place of waiting on Him, helpless in His hands, yet knowing He is completely faithful and that He will act on our behalf, is the most secure place of all to be. He has promised numerous times in His Word to never let us down.
So often, we hear God speak a plan or a promise into us, and then we start grunting and groaning to make it happen. Sure, He expects us to take whatever steps are needed to cooperate with or to prepare for what He has said.   But most of us tend to go far beyond preparing or cooperating. We strive, and we climb, and we fret. We look for "progress" and when we don't see it, we plummet into discouragement. 
All the while, He wants us to come to such a place of fearlessness and trust in Him that we can look squarely at the difficulties and say, "Ha! God, You're the only way I will ever be able to see my dreams come true anyway! I can't do much about it without You.  Here, You build it for me." 
And then we rest, knowing with unshakable faith that He will do what He has said -- because of Who He is.

An Encouraging Word is an outreach of The River Church, designed to uplift the Body of Christ. Copyright 2011.  All rights reserved. 




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