I believe this is an important word to pray into for many reasons. California can literally make or break the next Presidential election ( although that may not be the only thing that part of the word is referring to), but also because of the warnings of judgement that we¯ve been getting for this awesome state. We see that the Lord has a heart for California! He has not given up on California! Generational seeds of prayer have been sown, and the Lord is saying that a youth and Asian revival are coming to the state. He also indicates the power of the Church uniting to pray. So, Californians and all of us, let¯s pray into this word.


Prophetic Word given by Cindy Jacobs to CALIFORNIA
December 31, 2011


The Lord would say to you, California, I am making you; I am giving you, as the prayer network, great authority to shift the nations, says the Lord. The Lord says to you there are seeds of prayer that are in the ground of California ¯ generational prayers that I am getting ready to answer -- not just your prayers, says the Lord. For I have been waiting for those I could give a mantle to, says the Lord, who could be those who stand for legacy in this state.


And the Lord says, California (this is what I see) it looks like a garden that was untended in some way ¯ in other words there were beautiful plants, but it hadn¯t been kept weeded.  Or a pristine garden the Lord meant for it to be, but the Lord is really showing me the weeds are getting cleared, and the underbrush is getting cleared out so you will be able to see the road map, that clear map of what I want to do in the state, says the Lord.


The Lord says, the unity that you have reached this week (CA Root 52) is the beginning, but you are going to be known as a Philadelphia state, and there is going to be such a unity among the believers and the Lord says, I am anointing and appointing this state particularly to shift for the next election, and the Lord says this next election is key for California, for I desire to bless this state, says the Lord. I love this state, and I desire to shift it, but the Lord says you are at a ¯tipping point¯ whether you will go from shaking to blessing ¯ I am either going to shake it or release a blessing ¯ but the Lord says, I will have a revival either way.


The Lord says, I am going to ¯breathe¯ with revival and the Lord says, My Spirit will fall in many, many places but I am going to begin a revival in Central California, and the Lord says there will be miracles and signs and wonders and breakout in the Latino community, and I will ¯breathe,¯ and it will go to the rest of the state, says the Lord.


And the Lord says I am going to start breaking out among the Asians of Los Angeles even in Chinatown. There¯s going to be a great move of God coming to Chinatown in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and I literally see these Chinese anointed young leaders that are going into these places, these pockets of resistance for the gospel. And the Lord says, I am going to move in a great way. You are going to loose a youth revival, for a Jesus People revival is coming again, and it¯s going to come like a mighty rushing wind and like a flood for the Spirit says the Lord.


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