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Dear friends:

 My colleague, Andrea Dudley, has asked me to share this information with you. Many great opportunities are presented here. I encourage you to participate. BEST WISHES!





Habakkuk Publishing Seeking Authors for their New Book


Habakkuk Publishing, publisher of the acclaimed Tal-i-tha Cu-mi anthology series, is pleased to announce the title of the newest book in the series, ¯It¯s Possible!  Breaking Through the Set Point of Limitations¯. Authors are encouraged to submit their true stories of how they broke through limiting set points.


Do you remember the story of Roger Bannister, the 25-year-old British medical student who became the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes? No one ever accomplished this feat until he did. This was a phenomenal breakthrough. What about you? What limitations have you broken through? Were you the first in your family to graduate from college? Did you lose a lot of weight after trying several times? Is there a health challenge that threatened to destroy your life that you beat? Did you receive your G.E.D. after dropping out of school? Did you overcome a fear or phobia? Were you abused but later broke through its debilitating limitations? Share something positive that happened in your life that will encourage others. There is something that you¯ve accomplished that will encourage someone.


We invite you to submit your true story, to be considered for publishing in our new anthology. Your story, along with the stories of others, will be complied into a beautiful, four-color-cover inspirational book, designed to encourage others to break through besetting areas in their lives.


If you have never published a story you can become a ¯published author¯. Habakkuk Publishing has helped over 100 people to become published authors and you can be one of them. Join the Habakkuk Publishing family.


Congratulations to those who have reserved their spot by submitting their registration fee and by filling out the online author form. The submission guidelines are attached in this email.

Here are 4 very important things that you need to do:
1. Go to the website and register
2. Submit your $39 fee
3. Write your story
4. Submit your story by March 9th, 2012. The book will be released April 27, 2012.

Once you have registered and submitted your registration fee, if you're stuck or need help, we'll be glad to work with you. Don't allow yourself to miss this opportunity.

We need to hear from you asap.

Bless you,





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