Journey Bible Study is on for this Thursday, February 2ndYEA!  2012!

 (Yes, Groundhog Day ¯)

Welcome back, and join us for new fabulous year¯., spread the word about the Word!  


The Bible Study Notes    

For this week:  

Revelation 7 9-17.pdf


Also, you can catch me at the Church of the Foothills this Sunday, Feb 5th at 10am, message on ¯The Fruit of the Spirit,¯ Peace¯

 425 Sierra Madre Villa Ave, Pasadena, CA 91107 (parallel to the Best Buy center)


Bible Study, Thursdays at Church, room FL 203, 7- 8:30 pm.  

For information contact Dr. Krejcir at or 626.796.8378 or 


Last  Weeks, Years¯.

Revelation 7 1-8.pdf

Revelation 6 9-17.pdf

Revelation 6 1-8.pdf

 Revelation 5 8-14.pdf


What to know more about the language of Revelation, the metaphors, idioms, and words describing events set in hyperbole language meant to inspire.... 


See our latest family newsletter hot of the press¯

Krejcir Xmass 2011.pdf


Ministry newsletter

ITW Xmass 2011.pdf


Previous week's / years notes:   

 Revelation 5 1-7.pdf

Revelation 4 6-11.pdf

Revelation 4 1-5.pdf

 Revelation 3 14-22.pdf 

 Revelation 3 7-13.pdf  

Revelation 3 1-6.pdf 

Revelation 2 18-29.pdf   

Revelation 2 8-11.pdf  

Revelation 2 12-17.pdf 


Our Facebook group you can chime in on at any time for this Bible Study at¯  


I would like to record our Bible Study in audio for our blog, perhaps the first 20 min or so, any objections? Also, anyone have a newer recording devise we can use that makes it into mp3¯s or an unloadable format? 

The Blog is at¯

Older notes 

 Revelation 2 1-7.pdf  

Revelation1 1-8.pdf 

  Revelation 1 9-20.pdf

The requested articles:

 Understanding the Theology of "Being Saved"


For further help in times of trouble, see our resources here

 The General Info¯. 

 Everyone is welcome! We now will begin study in the book of Revelation. An in-depth inductive verse by verse study and discussion. Come join us for a challenging and friendly study environment, with a goal to pursue the heart of God and fellowship together. Led by Dr. Richard Krejcir from Into Thy Word Ministries. 


Thursdays at Church, room FL 203, 7- 8:30 pm.  

For information contact Dr. Krejcir at or 626.796.8378 or 


Try to read Matthew 24 for an overview on end times that prepares for Revelation. If you can try also to read the Book of Revelation and try even harder to have an open prayerful mind and not assume as you read¯ 

And¯let folks know¯ can you all tell a friend, and promote this, web, Facebook, signage, pigeons¯? 


Thank you & God¯s Blessings,




Num 6:24 




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