Hi Everyone,

We¯re headed down the interstate and the weather is getting warmer the farther we drive. The sunshine state has called and we start our annual Florida tour tomorrow night in Hernando. I believe this is our eleventh year to travel south in the winter and believe me when I say, it¯s a good thing! We¯re looking forward to seeing many of you on this trip. God is good and so is Florida!


This email is going to be very short¯.(I know, you¯ll believe it when you see it!) I just have a couple of questions for you and I¯m hoping to get some feedback.


The Collingsworth Family has several different projects on the radar this year and for starters one of them is a new Christmas CD and DVD. As a family, there¯s nothing better than singing harmony and when you sing the Christmas carols together, well¯.just suffice it to say, if that doesn¯t put you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will! Now, here¯s where you come in... I would love to get some song suggestions from you for this new CD. Everyone has a favorite Christmas carol or song that they love. What would you like to hear from the Collingsworth Family on this new Christmas project? Let me know your thoughts by a return email and I promise to read every single one. This could get exciting! We will begin arranging in the next few weeks so the sooner we hear from you, the better.


One more thing¯. For quite some time we have had numerous requests for an a cappella hymns CD. This is also something we would love to hear from you on. What are some of your most loved hymns? The hymns hold a very special place in our hearts as I know they do yours. We love new music and new lyrics, but there¯s just something about these beautiful pieces of literature that hold such depth and theology and they can¯t be beat!  Let us know what some of your most favorite hymns are and why. I look forward to hearing from you in the next few days. I¯m excited to see what you come up with!


God bless you all!






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