¯Where two or three people meet together in my name, I am there with them.¯
(Matthew 18:20 NIrV)
New Song¯s Prayer Team meets the first Sunday of the month from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in New Song¯s Room 115. All are welcomed and invited to attend. For more information about being a part of the Prayer Team, please contact Debbie Nash at debbie_nash1108@comcast.net.  
(Please note: In our process of keeping the prayer list as current as possible, you may notice that your specific prayer request(s) may have been removed. Please feel free to re-submit any prayer request with updates as they become available.)
I love feeling the passion of our Pastor & Worship Leader and how they are leading New Song to transform and grow so we can glorify God more & more. My heart is filled with joy in anticipation of the future. Thank you! ¯ Unsigned (4/29)
Thank you for all the prayers for my Dad¯s surgery. He is currently recovering in a local rehab facility improving each day. ¯ Mike Leonard (4/29)
Please join us in praying for 10-year-old Canton Goodman as he was in an accident last Monday afternoon at his home in Hanover. He is currently in the Pediatric ICU at MCV. His injuries are serious, but not life threatening. Please pray for his full recovery. Notes of encouragement can be sent to: Canton Goodman, 5141 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116. (4/22)
UPDATE: My co-worker needs your prayers as she determines the treatment options for her cancerous brain tumor. Continue to pray that God will give her a miracle. ¯ Kim Akers (4/22)
UPDATE: My cousin, Marilyn Hardy, is improving. She is still in the hospital but doing much, much better. Please continue to lift her up in your prayers for God¯s healing and comfort.   ¯ Janice Lowry (4/22)
Prayers are requested for our great nephew, Landon Messer, who is 1 year old and in ICU with pneumonia. ¯ Ed and Donna Johnson (4/15)
Please pray for Jenny Luis, my sister in Santa Barbara, CA, who had two brain surgeries due a brain bleed on Saturday. She is in a coma with an unknown prognosis. ¯ Robert & Sylvia Harris and family (4/15)
Please keep Jade in your prayers; she has to have surgery on her foot. ¯ Shannon Kirk (4/8)
Please pray for my sister, Tiny Holt, who is in the hospital. ¯ June & Bill Whitley (4/1)
Laura Chenault, who had heart surgery in February, is back in the hospital with a blood clot in her left lung. Please continue to lift up prayers that God will heal her fully. ¯ Susie Cason (3/28)
Prayers are requested for Alyssa who has been admitted to the hospital with complications from Cystic Fibrosis. Pray that she comes through her surgery well and then continue to pray for her complete healing. ¯ Peggy Bock (3/9)
Pray for my co-worker who is recovering from treatments for tongue cancer. ¯ Tim Crist (4/29)
Please continue to pray for a miracle for Krysten Collins that God will heal her of cancer. ¯ Kim Wickens (4/22)
UPDATE: The daughter of a friend of mine who was diagnosed with breast cancer has received news that her lymph nodes¯ biopsies came back normal. They are now trying to determine whether to give her balloon radiation or the regular 6-week regimen. Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to lift her up in prayer as she begins radiation treatments. ¯ Ann Farmer (4/22)
Prayers for my brother-in-law, Scott, who has declined treatment for his lung cancer. His tumors are growing and the cancer is spreading. May the Lord grant him peace and open His loving arms to him. ¯ Holly Lewis (4/1)
Please pray for a friend that just got diagnosed with colon cancer, and another friend who is having tests run to see if she has cancer. ¯ Shannon Kirk (4/1)
UPDATE: Thanks for all your prayers. My friend¯s Dad is home now, but please still pray for him and his family. The doctors have given him about 6 months to live due to his cancer having advanced too far for treatment. ¯ Shannon Kirk (3/25)
Please pray for all the children at the Nelson Clinic fighting all kinds of childhood cancers. Pray for their strength and healing. ¯ Kim Wickens (3/18)
Please pray for Ed Meyers who is starting treatment for cancer. ¯ Peggy Bock (3/4)
Please keep Nancy Dodson, my mother, in your prayers for healing and comfort following her recent surgery. ¯ Denise Capps (3/4)
My sister, Donna Brooks, had successful surgery this past week to remove a tumor outside of her esophagus and is recovering well. We are now waiting to see if follow-up chemo treatments will be necessary. Please continue to pray for her strength and complete healing. ¯ Joe Sauls (2/26)
Pray for my co-worker who is going through cancer treatment. ¯ Tim Crist (2/26)
Keep Jen Watson, her husband Sean, and their four children (ages 3-13 years old) in your prayers as she battles acute myeloid leukemia. ¯ Unsigned (1/22)
Please pray for continued strength and hope for my sister, Diane Garrett. ¯ Cheryl Sauls (1/15)
Pray for Bob Quade, who has terminal cancer, that he will come to know the Lord and be saved. ¯ Michelle Smith (1/8)
Pray for healing for Ryan. ¯ Kim Wickens (12/18)
Pray for healing from cancer for Anna, Drew, Blaze, Janet, and Joe. ¯ Kim Wickens (11/20)
Keep me in your prayers as I¯ve gone as far as I can with my back. ¯ Anne Patterson (4/29)
Please continue to keep Clay Leonard, Mike Leonard¯s father, in your prayers as he recovers in a local rehab facility from having heart valve replacement surgery on Friday, April 20th, in Washington, DC. ¯ (4/29)
Please pray for my grandmother who has been put on oxygen. ¯ Debbie Nash (4/22)
Pray for Connie and Joyce to receive good test results that indicate that it is not cancer. ¯ Kim Wickens (4/22)
Please pray for healing of my back sciatica. ¯ Tonya Hughes (4/22)
UPDATE: Dwayne Jansch had surgery on his foot following the accident where the lift fell on his foot. Please pray for healing. ¯ Linda Perry (4/22)
UPDATE: Our friend, John Hambright, was released from the hospital and is doing much better. The doctors are still not sure what caused his problems. John¯s son, Zachary, had to have emergency surgery on Friday for a hernia. Please pray for a speedy recovery. ¯ Robert & Josie Llewellyn (4/22)
Please pray for healing of a 2-year-old child who was hit by a car. ¯ Pat Stone (4/22)
Please keep Frances Daniel in your prayers as she is having an MRI on April 2nd to try to find out why she keeps falling. ¯ Karen Priest (4/1)
Please be in prayer for J.B. who has been diagnosed with a form of dementia; pray for her comfort and that her confusion will clear. Keep her family in prayer, also, for God¯s wisdom and guidance as they make decisions on her behalf. ¯ Susie Cason (4/1)
Please keep my husband, Robert, in your prayers for his health; he still is having a lot of back problems. ¯ Josie Llewellyn (4/1)
Please pray for healing of my neck pain. ¯ Denise Capps (4/1)
Please be in prayer for our Dad whose health is failing that he will not be in pain. ¯ Linda LeGay and Joy Yeager (3/25)
Pray for Margaret Price¯s brain scan. ¯ Aimee Walters (3/25)
Pray for my niece who had a miscarriage. ¯ Tim Crist (3/18)
Please pray for Vickie Gipson, a co-worker that is having health issues. ¯ Karen Priest (3/18)
Pray for healing for Kim Martin. ¯ Cheryl Sauls (3/4)
Please keep my step-brother, Chris Moore, in your prayers for his continued healing. ¯ Denise Capps (3/4)
Please pray for a friend as something is bothering her and only God can help. ¯ Anne Patterson (4/29)
Please lift in prayer my Uncle David as he travels to see his Dad who just suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. Please pray for safe flights and that he will be able to see his Dad and have time with his brother. ¯ Heather Shaheen (4/22)
Pray for Andrew to find a job before May 20th! ¯Raelyn McMillion (4/22)
Keep Michael Rutland, Ross Walters, and Pam Price in your prayers. ¯ Aimee Walters (4/22)
Please pray for me to find a job and for all the health issues in my family. ¯ Linda LeGay (4/22)
Pray that Annette and Neil will find a house. ¯ Unsigned (4/22)
Please pray for Ray Hubbard (to find a job), Bruce Stone, Kathleen White, Ernie Henderson and my finances. ¯ Pat Stone (4/22)
Please pray for my dog, Sherlock. ¯ Allison Wickens (4/15)
Please pray for my uncle and his family as they are going through financial hardships. ¯ Janice Lowry (4/1)
Please be in prayer for Chris Priest to make the right business decisions. ¯ Karen Priest (4/1)
Dick Googins¯ brother, John ¯Jack¯ Googins, passed away on Monday, April 23rd, from Alzheimer¯s disease in Oregon. Please lift Dick and his family in prayer for God¯s peace and comfort. Condolences and expressions of sympathy can be sent to: 6131 Thyme Drive, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. (4/25)
Please keep the family of Sharon Christian in your prayers as she has informed us of her father¯s passing from this past weekend. Condolences and expressions of sympathy can be sent to: 6038 Pond Place Way, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. (4/22)
Please pray for my friend, Connie, who recently experienced a still birth of her second child. Please pray for peace and comfort for her and her family during this difficult time. ¯ Susan Lewis (4/22)
Please be in prayer for the Robinson family; Keith Robinson was killed in a car accident on Saturday, April 7th, and leaves behind a wife and multiple daughters. ¯ Mike and Amy Leonard (4/8)
Prayers for Jackie Baker and her family due to the loss of a close friend. Also, keep the Arnold family in your prayers. ¯ Heather Shaheen (4/8)
We are very saddened by the loss of our dear friend, Ethel ¯Toodles¯ Seay, yesterday morning, Mon., April 2nd. Please pray for comfort, strength and peace for the family. Expressions of sympathy can be sent to Bill and Arden Seay at 8295 Plum Grove Drive, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 and to Carolyn White at 9710 Sherwood Drive, Quinton, VA 23141. ¯ (4/3)
Please hold Holly Lewis and her family in prayer on the recent passing of her niece, Kelly Skornia. Kelly is now with the Lord after her long-term health struggles; she leaves behind two children, Abby and Noah. Please pray for Holly¯s travels and for all who will be gathering to support one another during this incredibly sad time. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to Holly¯s sister (Kelly¯s mother) at Deb Briddle, 702 Eldora Road, Hudson, Iowa 50643; and to the Lewis family at Mr. & Mrs. Blair Lewis (and Ben & Danielle), 9019 Tate Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23116. (4/3)
Remember Vicki Austin¯s family in prayer regarding the death of her brother-in-law following his battle with cancer. Vickie requests prayers for her sister-in-law and their daughter in this time of grief, particularly as his passing has come so suddenly. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to Vicki¯s family at 4830 N. Courthouse Road, Providence Forge, VA 23140. (4/3)
Please be in prayer for my nephews, Tyler and Aaron, who are serving in Afghanistan. God went before them and God is in control. ¯ Mona Reed (3/25)
My nephew, Jesse, has re-enlisted in the Army ¯ prayers for all the soldiers who willingly give their time and lives for the safety of others. ¯ Holly Lewis (3/20)
Please be in prayer for our cousin, Trey Long, as he joined the National Guard yesterday (March 7) and will be in basic training for 29 weeks in South Carolina. ¯ Jeff & Cyndi Smith and Carol Fleet (3/8)
Please pray for Sid¯s safe return from Afghanistan. ¯ Kim Wickens (2/20)
Please pray for Scott¯s two sons: Jason is in Afghanistan and Michael is in the Navy. ¯ Joy Yeager (12/5)
Please keep Chris and me in your prayers as we prepare for our youngest daughter¯s wedding. ¯ Karen Priest (4/29)
Prayers for our church and community to continue to grow together in partnership in service in the community and the world. ¯ Heather Shaheen (4/29)
Please pray for the Freeman family to have God in their lives and for God¯s guidance. ¯ Karen Priest (4/29)
Pray for my son, Tommy, as he starts a new job tomorrow ¯ that he remembers he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him and that God has a purpose for him. ¯ Unsigned (4/29)
Please pray for restoration of my marriage, for our financial freedom and that we will not lose our house. Please pray for my husband, Doug, to come back to God and be set free from strongholds. Pray that God will help me have more faith! ¯ Denise Capps (4/29)
Pray for God¯s grace to bless our family and help us handle conflicts without hurt feelings. ¯ Jerry and Jennifer Weaver (4/22)
Please pray about my financial struggles. ¯ Tonya Hughes (4/22)
I pray we all can work together to bring unity in our community and share God¯s love with all. ¯ Heather Shaheen (4/22)
Please pray that Austin returns home. ¯ Unsigned (4/22)
Please pray for my Mom who has moved in with us and for my family. ¯ Wayne Haygood (4/15)
Pray for Holden, Matthew, Jack, and J.R. to see and hear God more clearly. ¯ Michelle Jones (4/6)
Pray for me to put God¯s will first. ¯ Laura Morgan (4/6)
Please pray for my finances and to control my compulsive spending. ¯ Unsigned (3/25)
Pray for strength for our family and direction for those tough decisions. ¯ Kim Wickens (3/4)
For God to be the center of our marriage, parenting, home, choices, circumstances, finances, and hearts! ¯ April Stalls (3/4)
Salvation for my niece and nephew, Leslie and Andy Clark. ¯ Ann Farmer
Please pray that Ray Hubbard will be saved. ¯ Pat Stone
Please pray for Polly Saul¯s salvation. ¯ Cheryl Sauls
Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law to come to know Jesus and have Him in their lives. ¯ Cheryl Sauls
That Carleen and Chris will come to know Jesus. ¯ Jill Mercier
Salvation for Tommy & Ariel. ¯ Cyndi Hartung
Please pray for my unsaved family members and lost loved ones. ¯ Shannon Kirk
My father, Jerry Davis, is so close but just not there yet! ¯ Karen Hardy
All those whose names or initials are on ¯The Wall¯. 
Jimmie Williams ¯ Carolyn Williams
Pray for my husband to come to know the Lord as I am. ¯ Kathy Jenkins
That Larry Wilkinson will recommit his life to the Lord.
Pray that Tommy Cason will become a Christian. ¯ Susie Cason
Please pray for:
-               our Pastor and Church Staff
-               our Lay Leadership
-               Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Steve Jones 


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