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Please take notice of this very important time we would like to share with you.

On April 28 The Rev TSGT Robert Phillips proposed this outreach to PMI Glory Institute the cry was moving ...

Be A Hero To A Hero memo
(Operation Corbin KY)
Hello Friends
Im going to tell you a little story my friend from the
St. Charles VFW (Dick).
Yesterday morning, at the American Legion coffee and donuts hour.
We have them most Saturdays. Dick was talking about a trip he took last summer to Corbin Kentucky to see the coal mining town where Loretta Lynn grew up. Dick was talking about children he observed many of them were unclean , quite thin , and barely clothed.
He pulled up to a local store. He asked the store owner if they had any candy for the children. The owner told him they have had no candy for years and most folks around these parts cannot even afford Bologna and Bread. Dick was fought back tears as he started driving away. Dick bought 45 pounds of candy and returned to the store. The store owner and his wife were pleasantly surprised. They put bags of candy together. Dick said he was thinking I wonder if some of those children might not have ever had candy before now. Dick came home to Illinois talked to some friends and took a car load of food down to Corbin .
This was one man.
Where am I going with this? You might be thinking? And what might Be A Hero To A Hero have to do with this?
I shared this story with my wife (Pastor Theresa Phillips she wept ). We believe we might be able to help these people. In Knox County Kentucky, were Corbin is located, the local Christian Life Food Pantry feeds 5,000 to 5,500 families a month
We would like to do a Food  , T-shirts and toiletries 
 drive we would like to get as much a we can by June 1st . Sponsored by Be A Hero Foundation.
We are starting the drive as of today. We need volunteers
Non Perishable Foods
Good Clean Clothing
New Tee shirts all Sizes plus Toiletries
Donations welcome we will purchase NEW!
Operation Corbin KY




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