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                                                                       Intercessory Missionaries
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                                                                           The Next Generation 

Dear friends,


As most of you know, part of our mission at Manifest Ministries International is to travel to various parts of the United States (and the world) in order to empower and equip intercessors. Another integral part of our mission at Manifest Ministries is to raise up the next generation of Jesus followers to walk into destiny through worship, intercession and intimacy with the Lord.


Our youth/young adult ministry called The Elijah Revolution (or the “ER” for short) is a result of this mandate on our ministry. With Lorri Dresbach as the pastor and Tracy Schellhorn as the overseer, this group has grown to amazing depths spiritually, but also to surprising and sudden increase in the past few months. It is because of this increase that we are appealing to you.


At the end of this month we are taking seventeen of these young people to a conference at Morningstar Ministries. In the past two years when we have taken young people with us to this conference, they have grown immensely in their relationship and passion for the Lord.  Additionally, we give them on-the-job training as part of the onsite intercession, and they not only sow faithfully into the intercession but they also bring their experiences home with them to be used in their ongoing prayer lives and ministry of intercession.  Their lives are significantly impacted by this conference, and this year we have more than doubled the amount of young people who desire to grow in their faith and calling as intercessory missionaries.


These young people have put their jobs, school, finances and their own agendas on the altar in order to attend and sow into the ministry of Morningstar; and we as a ministry, believe in their individual calls, their mission, and their future. That is why we have sown into them, and along with them, to cover most of the cost of this conference trip; however, we need your help!


We will be driving from Birmingham, Alabama to Charlotte, NC and our transportation costs have risen due to the increase in numbers. That’s a great problem to have!


We can no longer travel in individual vehicles but must now rent a van along with using a personal vehicle.  Will you help us?


If you could give any amount towards our traveling expenses, we would greatly appreciate it! No amount is too small, and no amount is too large. Not only is your donation tax deductible, it is also building an unshakable Kingdom with eternal results!


Please visit and click the “donate” button if you desire to help. Our needs could be met if 100 people could give $10 dollars each or if 50 people could give $20 each.  Of course, anything you can do is greatly appreciated!


Thank you for prayerfully considering financially supporting this important work.




Lorri DresbachWorship Leader & Youth Pastor                                   

Tracy Schellhorn, Founder & Director





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