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Thank you to all of you who have sowed seeds to help with the special Video Project we¯ve been telling you about.  As a result, very soon, we will be creating new teaching videos of Mark¯s teachings, which will be available for viewing on the internet, enabling Mark to teach throughout the world, by use of video and the internet.


Also, we are presently working on a very special project.  Kenneth is doing some video work as well, editing the 17 TV Shows Mark recorded, based on his book, ¯God¯s Plan For Prosperity¯ for the TCT Christian TV Network.  We are creating a DVD collection which will contain all 17 of those teachings, as well as a Study Guide with 17 Chapters, each one corresponding to one of the 17 teaching videos.  This project should be completed and available for you to purchase by September, if not before.


One really great use for these DVDs is for Pastors to use them as a 17 session video teaching series, for midweek services, Sunday School, or Home Fellowships.  Church members taking those classes can utilize the ¯God¯s Plan For Prosperity¯ books and the Study Guides as part of this teaching course. 


Basically, a pastor can have Mark teach in their church for 17 weeks, by video, explaining The 4 Types Of Giving: Tithes, Firstfruits, Alms & Seed/Offerings, plus much more, from the book, ¯God¯s Plan For Prosperity¯. 


Soon, we will be telling you more about how your church can benefit from these special teaching DVDs, along with the 17-chapter Study Guides and the book, ¯God¯s Plan For Prosperity¯.  We believe that this will be a great way to help pastors teach these financial principles, as well as to ¯duplicate¯ Mark¯s efforts, enabling him to teach in hundreds of churches at the same time, via video!


Also, with some of the new equipment we¯ve recently acquired, Mark will be recording Audiobooks of both ¯God¯s Plan For Prosperity¯ and ¯The 3 Heavens¯.  (He had previously started work on this project, and recorded a few chapters.  But, after hearing them, we came to the conclusion that we needed to improve the overall quality of the recordings.  So, thank you to those who sowed seeds to help us purchase new equipment, so we can record these Audiobooks at the highest quality!)


Another purchase, with the seeds you sowed, allowed us to get the software Mark needed for writing more books.  He hopes to get a new book written within the next few months.  We¯ll tell you more, as that writing project gets underway.


If you missed Kenneth¯s most recent teaching email, here it is. Feel free to share it with friends, and don¯t forget to encourage them to subscribe to receive these FREE teaching emails, by sending an email to info@markgorman.com with the word ¯Subscribe¯ in the Subject line of their email.  Now, here¯s Kenneth¯s most recent teaching email:


Hi Everyone,

It¯s Kenneth again, with another teaching on the 23rd Psalm. I¯m writing now about the passage, ¯He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.¯ Last time I wrote to you, I talked about the importance of lying down, and what is required for a sheep to rest. See, sheep don¯t just fall asleep on command. They require certain conditions to be met in their surroundings before they can relax and sleep.

During Dad¯s research and preparation for teaching on the 23rd Psalm, he studied sheep and shepherding. One author, a former shepherd, outlined four basic requirements that must be satisfied before sheep can rest. The first one is Fear; sheep must be completely free from fear before they can rest. In our Christian lives, the prime being that we fear is satan.

A lot of Christians have the misconception that because satan has been defeated, he cannot attack a child of God. It¯s true that satan has been defeated, but that doesn¯t mean he¯s unable to attack. To help understand this, imagine a boxer ¯ a boxer who was defeated in his last match. Now, he¯s been defeated, so it should be totally safe to get in the ring with him, right? Think about this, you¯re toe-to-toe with an experienced athlete, who has devoted his life to training for fights. He lost his last fight, so that means he must be safe to pick a fight with today, right? NO! In fact, the next person who gets in the ring with him just might get an extra dose of ¯angry¯, because he¯s still mad about losing his last fight! He¯s gonna be extra mad since he lost, and he¯s gonna take it out on you!

The fact is, satan is more powerful than us. The Bible says that when Jesus came to earth, He came as a man, and part of that deal was that He had to come here less powerful than the angels, and satan is a former angel. See, by our own means, we are at risk of satan¯s attacks, and we should fear him. It is only through God that we can have power over satan. When we submit ourselves to God, and we have His authority flowing in our lives, then we can resist the devil, and he must flee. So, when you do resist the devil, make sure you¯re not doing it solo; you need God on your side.

One time, Dad was scheduled to speak at a church, and before the meetings had begun, the pastor asked Dad about his teaching. He asked what topics he teaches on in churches. Dad replied that he doesn¯t specialize in one area, but rather he teaches on several topics, spiritual warfare being one of the most common. The pastor replied, ¯That¯s what I was afraid of. You see, we don¯t believe in spiritual warfare. We believe that when Jesus died on the cross, that He defeated the devil once and for all, and that since satan is defeated, he can¯t touch a child of God, and all we have to do now is fight the good fight of faith till Jesus comes.¯

Well, I guess it must feel nice to think that. Dad said that he wanted to remark, ¯Ok, well, I¯ll tell the devil, so he¯ll leave you alone.¯ Joking, of course, but in all seriousness, why is it that the Bible tells Christians to put on the whole armor of God? The Bible doesn¯t say you already have it; it says you must actively put it on. That means you¯re not automatically wearing it. Dad says, ¯I figure if satan couldn¯t touch us, God would have just said ¯dress casual.¯¯

There are some Christians who get downright arrogant, talking about how the devil can¯t touch them. When they¯re in church, they shout about how they ¯Got the devil under my feet¯, and how ¯Satan only wishes he could mess with me!¯ They build it up and boast, like they¯re bragging about their hometown football team. The fact is they¯re not automatically protected from satan¯s every attack just because they became a Christian. You know, it¯s easy to talk a big game; it¯s easy to pretend you¯re stronger or safer than you are. But when real trouble comes, then there¯s no question as to who¯s for real, and who was just talking, and when it comes to battling satan, you don¯t want to be all talk.

Right now, you may be wondering, if I¯m talking about how important it is to be free from fear, then why am I spending so much time talking about what a threat the devil is. Well, there¯s two reasons. First, I want you to understand that you are not the source of your own protection ¯ God is, and the way to get His protection is by continually submitting your life to Him. It¯s not a one-time process of saying a prayer, followed by a lifetime of doing whatever you please, and expecting God to come in and save you from every fight that comes along. Like the Bible says, ¯Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil, and he must flee¯. Submit, and then resist. If you don¯t submit, then you¯re not acting with God¯s authority ¯ you¯re just picking a fight with the devil all by your lonesome.

The second reason I¯m spending so much time on this, and why Dad spent so much time teaching on this in the audio series on the 23rd Psalm, is because satan constantly uses fear as a weapon against Christians. It¯s like his favorite opening move in every fight. I said this last time, but I¯ll say it again now ¯ satan knows that our weapons are greater than his weapons. He knows that he cannot beat God. That¯s why he relies on scaring you into believing that it¯s not worth picking a fight with him. Every time he scares you out of a fight, is a time when he wins. I¯m spending a lot of time on this, because this is a lesson that can help you countless times, if you remember that He who is for you, is greater than he that is against you.

Fear is so dangerous to sheep, that when a ewe ¯ a female sheep ¯ is pregnant, she can abort her pregnancy, simply by being startled and going into a panic. In fact, it is so important to keep from startling a pregnant ewe, that shepherds use a special type of herding dog during lambing season (the season when ewes are carrying). Most breeds of sheepdog herd sheep through barking and nipping ¯ they bark at the sheep to keep them in line, and they nip at the sheep¯s heels when they are being stubborn. But there is also a type of dog that does not nip or bark. When we were on a farm in New Zealand, we saw these dogs in action. They call them ¯eye dogs¯, because they do nothing but stare down the sheep to get them into submission without making a sound or biting.

Think about this same principle in your own life. There may have been times when you were seeking God¯s intervention, praying for a miracle in your life, and this miracle was on the way, only to have satan scare you into giving up on it. When you start praying for God to perform a miracle, you can just about count on it, that things will get worse before they get better. You will see the world change around you, as the circumstances get worse and worse, until the point that it just seems easier to give up. The reality, though, is that if you can just hold out a little longer, and believe right through the worst part of the storm, your miracle is right on the other side.

Dad says that one of his favorite stores about Simon-Peter, is when Peter was in prison, awaiting his sentencing of potential death. The Bible says that an angel of the Lord was sent to release Peter from prison, but when the angel arrived, Peter was in such a deep sleep that the angel had to strike him on his side to wake him up. Now, think about this ¯ Peter¯s in prison, waiting to find out if he¯s going to be put to death¯ and he¯s so relaxed that the angel has difficulty waking him! Peter didn¯t even wonder whether the Lord was his Shepherd ¯ he knew. That is the kind of peace we need. It¯s the kind of peace we can have, knowing that the Lord is with us. When our Shepherd is watching over us, we have nothing to fear.

Psalms 4:8 says, ¯I will both lie down in peace and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.¯

You see, satan can defeat you in the natural, but he can¯t defeat you when you move with the authority of the Shepherd. The Bible says the name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it, and they are safe. The most soothing sight to a sheep, is to see its shepherd watching over it. And when we see our Shepherd watching over us, we can feel safe and at ease, knowing that our Lord is there.


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