Hi Daystar Family and Friends!  We are so excited about our next ¯Animate¯ Worship Night on Wednesday, October 3rd from 7pm to 10pm at Daystar.  This is going to be an uninterrupted time of just worship and praise before our Papa!  We have been feeling His presence increasing among us at our Friday and Sunday services and felt like the ¯next step¯ to take was to make room for Him in an even greater way by starting a specific worship night just to be with Him!  You know, when we prioritize Him in our hearts and make ¯room¯ for Him, He can¯t help but respond back to the intimate cry of our hearts for more of Him.    

In I Samuel 16:14-22, David played his harp over King Saul to relieve him of a tormenting spirit....that is the power of worship and instruments lifted up in exaltation of our true King.....the enemy HAS to go!  Because of that, we feel like we are going to see salvation, physical healing, deliverance, emotional healing, etc. happen in these times of worship even when no one is specifically praying or laying hands on anyone...just because that¯s what happens when we get close to Him!  We also are crying out for new songs, supernatural revelation of His realm and to step into the NEW that He is calling His Bride to right now!  We are SO excited!  

The word ¯Animate¯ means:

1. to give life to; make alive: God animated the dust.

2. to make lively, vivacious, or vigorous; give zest or spirit to

3. to fill with courage or boldness; encourage

4. to move or stir to action; motivate

5. to give motion to

We believe just this name ¯Animate¯ representing these nights with Papa declares how much life, zest, encouragement, revelation, refreshment, courage, motivation (and on & on) He is going to pour out over His sons and daughters as we join with all of creation lifting up His matchless name!

We hope you can join us!  


Daystar Band



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