Please continue to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ on Mindanao in the wake of Typhoon Bopha which struck 10 days ago.  The latest count has 540 confirmed dead, 900 still missing, and 400,000 evacuated because their homes have been damaged, destroyed, or flooded.  17 of our churches are confirmed damaged or destroyed along with the homes of the pastors and members.  Communications are still down in many remote areas.  Below is the latest report from Pastor Albert Asang, our national Director.  As you can see, the situation is still desperate. 
We really need your help right now.  Perhaps your church could take up a special Christmas offering to meet the needs of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have been left with nothing.  Please continue to lift them in prayer.  Blessings!
Rev. Howard & Barbara Gard
Church Triumphant
 Dear Sir and Ma'am,

             I'm sorry for the delayed of my report cause last monday i was in Sua-on. I got sick ! I bring a little help of our pastor in Sua-on and the rest of the money we use to buy food for our pastors in my home and the picture that I told you that I send right now I cannot send it due to our computer that has no electricity until now in our house. And I cannot use the disk to internet cafe cause the disk is already phase out. And the other pastors is still in my house until now . Even I'm so weak but I have to go to internet cafe to send some reports about what happened to us and our pastors. Maybe 4 to 6 months period of recovery for their livelihood that was damaged by the typhoon. It's look like a desert now in the mountain that is green before and many of people are asking help from us. especially food and medicine for those who are sick and to repair their house in our churches that was totally collapsed  by the typhoon. May the Lord provide this great needs and some people told us that the electricity will be connected again on February 2013  . Thank you Sir and Ma'am for your kind and consideration for us and for our churches that was victim of the typhoon. May God bless you more !

In his service,
Albert Asang


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