Dearest Converging Zone subscriber,

I want to bless you in this New Year and present to you this exclusive time sensitive announcement that has the potential to radically change your personal & financial life this year! Click this link to guarantee your spot.

Our friends at eightM have developed a new cutting edge online training course called ¯Start an Online Business in 24 Hours for Under $100¯.

This course took 7 months of development.  It has gotten input from 1 billionaire, and several multi millionaire Christian entrepreneurs. I believe this online course will radically change your personal and financial circumstances in 2013.

For the next few days eightM is exclusively offering to Converging Zone subscribers a 75% discount! 

AND... Converging Zone subscribers will receive over $3,000 in free bonus material upon registration.

¯Wait a second...what¯s the catch?¯ you may be asking.

The catch is that there are only 200 spots available at this price with the bonus material.

So, click on this link NOW to reserve your 75% discount and over $3,000 of bonus material.

¯Start an Online Business in 24 Hours for Under $100¯ was purposefully created for the following type of person:

¯   You like the idea of making money online but have no idea how to start;

¯   You¯re running way low on time¯in fact you don¯t even have time for the stuff already going on in your life. Therefore any solution better take extremely little time;

¯   You¯re sick and tired of snake-oil salesmen pitching the next ¯sure thing¯ Internet money-making bandwagon they want you to jump on. They make it sound so easy to get rich, but there must be a catch. You just don¯t have the time to find it.

¯   You¯ve said:

            ¯I¯m too old/I¯m too young.¯

            ¯I don¯t have enough money.¯

            ¯I don¯t have enough time.¯

            ¯It¯s a bad economy.¯

            ¯I¯m no good with computers.¯

            ¯I¯m not educated enough.¯ .... these 6 sayings are complete lies and they prevent you from fully living out your purpose & destiny.

2013 is going to be a breakthrough year for you!!

Click this link NOW to reserve your 75% discount & over $3,000 of bonus material.

Once the 200 spots are filled your name will be put on a waiting list.

P.S.>  5 people from the list will be randomly selected to get FREE unlimited access.

Check out the website here.

Thank you and God bless you,

Robert Ricciardelli,

Founder -The Converging Zone Network



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