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JANUARY 2013         Terry Somerville

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Dear Friends

Its been some time since I've written a newsletter. I'm still alive and well and God is good. I've experienced such personal spiritual changes in the last year that I felt I should not be writing as I sought the Lord.  More about that another time.
Meanwhile here is a brief summary of things

The best news is that my oldest son Evan was married in the summer. His wife,  Megan, is wonderful and we are so happy for them. They are both studying at university in Victoria B.C. Meanwhile, my other son Adam finished his first year of University and was asked to be the youth minister at Christian Life Fellowship in Campbell River. There have been great things happening including salvation and healing! He is off to New Zealand for an adventure Bible Camp in February.  My wife Karen has been working once again as an E.A. with the local schools, and our daughter Megan is at home with us.  (not daughter in law - we have two Megans now)   Meanwhile, I still operate my business part time, and travel in ministry as well as manage our Christian FM station.



Description: Jenna

SIERRA LEONE  The most exciting new venture  has been the mission work of Jenna Falk in Sierra Leone.   Several young women trained and served as midwives in the Philippines through Total Change Ministries. Now Jenna and her friend Kayla are blessing the needy people of Sierra Leone through their midwife work.  It is astonishing that there are less than 100 doctors in the whole country!  

They are calling themselves ¯Midwives For Jesus In Sierra Leone¯  Their website is   www.midwife-in-sierra-leone.com  and you can follow Jenna on face book. Donations to the Sierra Leone project  are tax deductible through Total Change Ministries. 





Description: chris

Through Total Change Ministries we continue to provide relief, evangelism in India. Chris Forster recently  took a team of women from Ontario to Tenali, AP. They provided clean water wells, and did a conference for bible women (lady pastors)  They did something brand new and held retreat with some 60 former prostitutes  who live with their children in Harvest India¯s shelter. Chris and team are blessing ¯the least of these¯.








Our Christian Radio station in Campbell River has entered its second year.  Most Christians don¯t realize  it was ILLEGAL to have a Christian radio station in Canada until just a few years ago, and we are still the only one in B.C.  Our radio license is ¯non-profit¯ so we cannot sell advertising. This can be a challenge, but the apostle Paul said   ¯it is of faith ¯ that it might be by grace!¯  So we push forward trusting Him to provide through listener support. We have heard many good reports including taxi drivers who say that when Spirit FM is on in their taxi late at night the  drunks are not belligerent, or throwing up!  Amazing! Spirit FM is changing the spiritual atmosphere of the city. You can listen at www.spirit-fm.ca  or go to Facebook.

Please pray for our music director Trever Wickens because he is having his second hip replaced in January.



A great big thank you to all those who have been supporting Total Change financially.   You are our partners and together we are reaching Campbell River, India and Africa!    I will resume teaching articles through the newsletter in the next few weeks.


Terry Somerville



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