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Come with high expectations for God to touch your heart, heal your body, and ignite a fire within your soul that will never be quenched!

Saturday Evening, February 9th, 7:00PM ¯ Speaker: Joel Hitchcock
Sunday Morning, February 10th, 10:30AM ¯ Speaker: Brian Lake
Keepers of the Flame International Church
12919 Salem Ave
Hagerstown, MD 21740
PH 717.573.4040 or email info@brianlake.org

Joel Hitchcock - When I was 8, I had a revelation of God's omniscience, which compelled me to decide that I would become a preacher when I grew up. So when I was 12, I preached my first message and read the Bible through that next year, and several times since.
At the urging of a premier South African evangelist's newsletter, I spent a day in fasting - drinking water only. It was on this day at age 13, that I heard God's voice in my spirit for the first time. He said "My son, I want you to become an evangelist."

When I was 16 I understood from Col 3:17 that whatever I did or said had to be done or spoken as if it was Jesus. I would begin to wait in solitude until a consciousness came on me that Christ was in me - I was living in His Name and in His stead. Our Lord Jesus ministered in power, authority, love and miracles. To represent Jesus in this way I began to pursue the same. I later more fully realized that it is through Christ in me that the miracle ministry of signs and wonders would become a greater reality.
After Bible School, I preached in many smaller country and city venues across South Africa, the United States, Europe and Africa. Eventually I began to draw larger multitudes in India, Pakistan, Africa and South America. As I sought God intently in December 2000, God again renewed my quest to become like Jesus and develop a consciousness of Christ in me. In many ways I am still falling short of this glorious desire, but as I continue on my journey, I can see how there is more of Him and less of me than before.
I have also come to understand more clearly that our union with God is only made possible through His union with us - when the Eternal God became a man, lived and died and rose again, then He indwells us when we put our faith in Him. It is in our identification with Him that we consider ourselves crucified with Him, risen with Him, and indwelt by Him. God in us. Christ in you, the hope of glory. I wish to introduce a lost world to my Jesus, who will make you a new creation - a God-filled being. And I wish to teach my fellow believers about the power we have through Him who dwells within us.


Brian Lake is known internationally as an anointed preacher, author, motivator, and entrepreneur with a desire to see the church come into a deeper relationship with Jesus. He is Founder of Brian Lake Ministries & Senior Pastor at Keepers of the Flame International Church in Hagerstown, MD
His ministry is fulfilling this vision through seminars, conferences, crusades, and media. He has appeared on TBN¯s Praise the Lord TV Program, Sid Roth¯s ¯It¯s Supernatural¯ Show and many International TV & Radio programs. Brian¯s passion is to ignite the church to pursue holiness. He travels throughout America and other nations carrying a strong anointing for healing and miracles
Brian believes that world transformation flows out of intimacy with God. He is passionate to see individuals deepen their faith and discover the power to reach their potential with God. The favor followed Brian¯s life from an early age. He started his own business at 19, and remains a successful businessperson to this day. Out of his marketplace anointing, he has a heart to help others to succeed and prosper in life.


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 Brian Lake Ministries
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